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Replacing Valve Bodies Dos and Don’ts: Part 2

I would like to go over some basic (yet very important) things that need to be done when replacing the valve body. I’ll also touch on some things that need to be done during the initial road test to help ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

March 2018 Issue

In This Issue
4L70E input speed sensor fault
GM TCM damage during removal
GM 4T40/65/80-4L80-E: P0730 gear ratio error

February 2018 Issue

In This Issue
BMW SMG hydraulic pump unit: No clutch and shift control
Suzuki Forenza ZF4HP16: P0705 transmission range sensor fault
BMW ZF6HP family: Planetary noise also when stopped in drive

January 2018 Issue

In This Issue
Ford F-450 & F-550 trucks with 5R110W intermittent solenoid codes
Mitsubishi Fuso FE & FG series ’05-10 code dealer adjust
Dodge AS68RC: Cooler-line retaining clips
GM 4L60/65/70E: P0894 transmission component slip

December 2017 Issue

In This Issue
Dodge/Jeep 42RLE: Multiple Solenoid Circuit and Pressure Switch Faults
Honda, no reverse
Ford 500 AF21/TF-81SC, no engagement

November 2017 Issue

In This Issue
Dodge Caliber CVT: Multiple solenoid faults
AS68RC: Early TCC apply & no PTO operation/no 5th, 6th, TCC apply

October 2017 Issue

In This Issue
Audi 01J: DTC 17114 gear ration monitoring: incorrect gear ratio
ZF5HP-19/FL/FLA: Firm engagement into D harsh cost-downshifts
AW55-50/51SN: Harsh reverse engagement

September 2017 Issue

In This Issue
GM 6L80/90: Multiple solenoid performance codes
Chevrolet/GMC trucks with Allison 1000 units: erratic transmission operation
Chrysler 62TE: engine stall in ‘D’ or during coast-down

August 2017 Issue

In This Issue
GM 4T65E: TCC solenoid circuit codes stored
Chrysler 62TE: P0733 third gear ratio/neutral condition
Ford 6R140W: Transmission fluid leak
GM AF23/33-5 (AW55-50SN): TCM relocation

How Does the Original Toyota Prius Plug-In Stack up to the New Prius Prime?

The Prius family (Prius Hatchback, Prius C, Prius V and the new Prime) is still popular. When the engineers changed the plug-in model technically, did they make it easier or harder to service and repair? We’ll find out.

July 2017 Issue

In This Issue
GM ‘L’ body vehicles: Stuck in fifth gear
Ford 5R110W Torqshift transmission slips in forward and reverse
Ford 4F27E drive engagement gear rattle

June 2017 Issue

In This Issue
Audi 09L – ZF6HP19A: Gear noise, transfer-case gear train failure
ZF5HP24 Delay/Slips in Reverse
GM 4L60/70/75E