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Road to AAPEX Ep. 4: Halfway there, what could go wrong?

The literal road to AAPEX has been smooth, so far. Babcox Media’s Joe Keene, an ASE-certified technician who fixed up a battered 33-year-old Cadillac Brougham, has been getting his kicks on Route 66 as he drives 2,500 miles from Akron, Ohio, to Las Vegas. In this episode, he checks out iconic road-side attractions like the

The Road to AAPEX Ep. 3: You won’t believe who and what you’ll see on Route 66

It’s the stuff road trips are made of: the unexpected, the interesting and even the bizarre. They’re the roadside detours that are so intriguing you can’t help but pull the car over and soak it all in. Luckily, the 33-year-old Cadillac Brougham was running well. Babcox Media’s ASE-certified technician Joe Keene fixed it up with

The Road to AAPEX Ep. 2: Will a 33-year-old Cadillac even start?

“A lot of things happened, except when I turned the key.”  As a seasoned ASE-certified technician, Babcox Media’s Joe Keene knew that getting a 33-year-old Cadillac Brougham with more than 180,000 miles on it ready for the 2,500-mile drive from Akron, Ohio, to Las Vegas in time for AAPEX wasn’t going to be easy, but

The Road to AAPEX, Ep. 1: Will a 33-year-old car make it to Vegas?

The truth is: We don’t know how this is going to end. The 2,500-mile drive from Babcox Media’s headquarters in Akron, Ohio, to Las Vegas, across the iconic Route 66, is enough to test any vehicle. But the car Babcox Media’s Joe Keene picked to rehab and drive to AAPEX held in Las Vegas, Nov.

Watch: Oil change and maintenance for DQ250 transmission

Your customers may not realize what maintenance the six-speed DSG DQ250 transmission in their Volkswagen or Audi vehicle requires. Besides the transmission maintenance recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, including oil and filter changes every five years or after 35,000 miles, there are also some weak points that frequently force vehicles with this transmission into the

Sponsored video: GM eight-speed torque converter shudder solution

The full text of this sponsored video is below: Welcome to the GM eight speed torque converter shudder solution by LubeGard. General Motors has issued multiple technical service bulletins on torque converter clutch shudder in the eight-speed 8L45 and 8L90 transmissions. This problem affects over four million vehicles. That’s 11 different models across three different

Podcast: Transtar’s Neil Sethi on the parallels between his medical study and the aftermarket business

During his recent AMN Drivetime podcast interview with Babcox Media CEO Bill Babcox, Neil Sethi, president and CEO of Transtar, shares his fascinating journey from studying biology and medicine as an undergrad to shifting gears and finishing with an MBA focused on finance. Throughout this journey, which continues today in his role at Transtar, some key

Bill Babcox Neil Sethi interview
Sponsored video: 6L80 random shift issues

In this sponsored video from Precision International, learn a few tips on what to do when the GM 6L80 develops random shift issues, which has been known to happen at high mileage and severe service.

Watch: What you need to know about pumps and converter hubs

In the latest video from the Transtar Garage Studio, Dave Hritsko, technical parts specialist for Transtar, talks pumps and converter hubs. “Anybody who’s been doing transmissions for a while knows there’s many types of converter hubs,” Hritsko says. The main difference between these types of hubs is that you have two different ways of centering

Watch: A trick for finding transmission leaks that are hard to detect

Dave Hritsko, Transtar’s technical parts specialist, walks viewers through his trick to find hard-to-locate leaks in transmissions, in this video from the Transtar Garage Studio. Want to know Dave’s trick? Watch the video above for that and a step-by-step process. Want to see more videos from the Transtar Garage Studio? Then click here.

Sponsored video: A walkthrough of the transend online parts marketplace

In this sponsored video from the Transtar Garage Studio, viewers get a walkthrough of transend, an online parts marketplace. You can visit the transend website to learn more.

Watch: Clearing up common misconceptions about the Chrysler 62TE

In the latest video from the Transtar Garage Studio, Dave Hritsko, Transtar’s technical product specialist, talks about the Chrysler 62TE transmission. According to Dave, there’s one aspect of the electrical side of things on this transmission that has resulted in some common misconceptions: the solenoid on the valve body. Learn more in the video above.