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Dynamic introduces new ratchet line

Dynamic introduces a line of ratchets that feature a 108-tooth gear with 3.5-degree arc swing. Dynamic’s ratchets are available in 1/4″, 3/8″ or 1/2″ drive sizes with five-, seven- and 10-inch lengths, respectively. They can also be purchased as the full set of three (Part No. D106003). The ratchets have a nickel-plate mirror chrome finish

Mayhew introduces three-piece demo driver set

Mayhew Steel Products has introduced a new three-piece demo driver set to its line of hand tools. The demo drivers feature a hybrid design of a screwdriver and pry bar in one for various lifting and prying applications. The set includes three lengths: 8 in., 10 in. and 11 in. The tools are made in

Dent Fix introduces Body Buggy Rack-Saver

Dent Fix Equipment has introduced the new Body Buggy DF-BB104, which the company says allows users to more easily move a disabled vehicle. The Body Buggy comes in 4-ft. and 5-ft. models. According to the company, after a five-minute installation, the unit becomes “part of the vehicle,” negating the need to employ any lift points.

Matco Tools introduces new flood light/spotlight/sensor combination

Matco Tools has introduced the new MWLZFG light. According to the company, this new light comprises a flood light, spotlight and human body detection sensor technology in one. The spotlight is capable of providing 200 meters of light, while the flood light can provide 1500 lumens on high. The flood light has a low setting

10 tips to help you stay safe in the bay

It’s easy to get complacent at any job. Day after day in a routine, there are many things you just do automatically. But when your job includes working under thousands of pounds of steel, complacency can put you in danger. Here’s a quick refresher of 10 tips to help you stay safe when using a

Looking at alignment from a few different angles

It could be argued that modern alignment equipment has seen some of the most enjoyable advancements over any other automotive equipment in recent years. It has become so technician-friendly that many shops are providing no more than a five-minute crash course to new technicians coming in. This makes it easy for seasoned technicians who are

Lubegard announces new Assemblee Goo formula with LXE XP technology

International Lubricants, Inc. (ILI), makers of Lubeguard automotive branded lubricants, announced the introduction and immediate availability of its new and improved Assemblee Goo Blue with LXE-XP. LXE-XP is an advanced anti-wear technology developed by International Lubricants, providing extra protection to metal at the molecular level, according to the company. LXE-XP is now available in both

Debunking three car lift safety myths

Safety is obviously a top concern when it comes to choosing a car lift to hold thousands of pounds above your head. But how do you know if a lift is safe?  In the United States, no government agency tests lift safety. This means that responsibility for choosing a safe lift rests with the purchaser.

Keeping comfortable in the bays: Shop climate and happy techs

Here in the Midwest region of the country, we are in the middle of the short spring season where the temperature always seems to be just right. The bay doors are open, and everyone is happy. It’s not too hot or too cold in the shop. But as we always say in Ohio, give it

Video: Handling a car that won’t start

CC: Why is your customer’s car not starting? Electrical diagnosis always has been a challenge in the shop and nowadays, with electrical systems and computer control being the hub of automotive technology, it’s even more so. Rotating-electrical components, primarily alternators and starters, are more important than ever, playing an integral role in vehicle and electrical-system operation.

Video: Wheel bearing tips and tricks

In this video, Andrew Markel of TD’s sister publication Shop Owner answers the following questions about wheel bearings: Where do I place a stethoscope when listening for a bad bearing? What part should be removed first when replacing a wheel bearing? In what direction should the bearing be mounted in the knuckle?  This video is

A guide to automotive lifts and lifting equipment

“Need a lift?” This greeting isn’t something you hear too often anymore. Sure, hitchhiking used to be common, but it also used to be safe. People were different. Times were different. Now, it’s just too dangerous. Whether you are picking someone up or being picked up, you are potentially taking a chance with your life.