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November 2019 Issue

A Mazda 6 with a V6 3.0L DOHC using the front wheel drive six-speed AW6A-EL transmission is stuck in high gear fail safe. When referring to Mazda’s symptom related diagnostic procedures for no shifting, it states that when the gear position is fixed in 3GR or 5GR due to failsafe

October 2019 Issue

After overhaul the transmission continued to have shift quality complaints such as flared shifts. All parts and components have been inspected and have either been repaired or replaced as needed during the rebuild procedure and the necessary memory resets have been performed yet the flared shift condition remains. The 09G

September 2019 Issue

The low/reverse/1-2-3-4 clutch housing was modified from the previous design (Figure 1) to accept a cupped steel support ring under the retaining snap ring along with a different style Belleville spring on both sides of the clutch housing (Figure 2). To prevent the retaining snap ring from popping out. The

August 2019 Issue

Some 2015 to 2016 Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC vehicles equipped with the 8L45 or 8L90 transmission may have a complaint of delayed engagements into drive or reverse after sitting with the engine off for several hours or overnight. The complaints may also be what appears to be a no movement

Automatic Transmission

An Inexpensive Fix for the 4R70W

Technically Speaking Subject: 4R70WIssue: RemedyAuthor: Beau Hansen R & D Specialist for ETE Reman As early as 1993, only one year after the AOD went electronic calling it the AOD-E,

An Identity Crisis

Shift Pointers Subject: 5R110W Issue: Power lossAuthor: Wayne Colonna, Technical Editor When an odd problem occurs once or twice on our technical helpline, we take note of it. But once

Tasc Force Tips: Critical Wear Areas & Vacuum Test Locations

Tasc Force Tips Author: SonnaxSubject: AS66RC, AS69RCIssue: Wear areas

2012 KIA Optima 2.4 Hybrid

Technically Speaking Author: Wayne Colonna, Technical EditorSubject: A6MF2HIssue: Ring Shift Not often do we get the opportunity to work with a tech that is having issues with a transmission in

Spotting the Changes to Ford 6R80 ’15-Later Valve Bodies

Tasc Force Tips Author: Maura Stafford, Sonnax Product Line ManagerSubject: Ford 6R80Issue: Changes Ford has made some changes to the ’15-later 6R80 valve bodies that you’ll want to note to

Manual Transmission

Leading Causes of Manual Transmission Failure

Up To Standards Author: Mike Weinberg, Manual Powertrain EditorSubject matter: Manual units: major problemsIssues: Lubrication, clutch release The most common reasons a manual transmission failed are lack of lubrication, incorrect

Learn New Things

Up To Standards Author: Mike WeinbergSubject Matter: What a ride!Issue: Technician shortage You are not supposed to get to the finish line in pristine condition. You are supposed to cross

MP3023 T-Case: Simple Mechanics, Complex Electronics

Up To Standards Author: Mike Weinberg Subject Matter: MP3023 T-caseIssue: Complex electronics The MP3023 is an active automatic transfer case that is found in a wide variety of vehicles. This

Simple Routines Can Leat To Solutions

Up To Standards Author: Mike Weinberg, Contributing EditorSubject Matter: Manual transmissionIssue: Diagnosis & service Mike Weinberg recommends using simple routines to pin-point the cause of a problem. For whatever reason,

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