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GM 6T40/45/50 Rebuild Kit without Pistons

Transtar Industries recently announced a new Rebuild Kit without pistons for GM 6T40/45/50 transmissions from model year 2014-Up. The Transtar...

New Gear Additive Treats Leaking Axles and Differentials

Axle and Differential Gear Repair seals leaks, reduces grinding, whining and clunking

ASE Applauds Outgoing Chairman Bobby Bassett

Bassett recently received AWDA’s prestigious Art Fisher Excellence in Education Award.

Former TCRA President Martin Brooks Passes

We were saddened to learn of the passing of a colleague from the other side of the globe, Martin Brooks...

Video - Profile of Mike Riley, Transmission Guru

Transmission Digest Editor Brendan Baker sits down with Mike Riley (Transmission Guru) to discuss his career in the transmission repair industry.

Toyota Flex-Lock

To improve fuel economy over decades a variety of changes have occurred to transmissions including the torque converter. To minimize converter slippage an array of lockup features has been implemented by the OEMs with varying results. One such system is the Toyota Flex-Lock lockup. Various drivability issues can arise if the system is not working correctly. Computer, converter, […]

Vehicle Diagnostic Approaches

Proper diagnosis of a vehicle problem today is important, to avoid wasted time and expense as well as alienating customers. There are various diagnostic approaches based on vehicle type and access to relevant information is imperative. A capable scanner is also a must to address many of the issues.

Transmission/TECH Talk

Ford 4R75E Slipping in Third Gear

Complaint: The vehicle may come into the shop slipping in third gear, upon disassembly of the transmission the direct clutch...

Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep 4XRE Transmissions No Movement

Complaint: A vehicle equipped with a 4XRE Series Transmission stopped moving suddenly soon after overhaul. Since an unmodified 4XRE valve...

Ford Focus 4F27E Harsh Garage Shifts

Complaint: A 2006 Ford Focus with the 4F27E Transmission has complaints of harsh garage shifts as well as harsh lift...

4L60E/65E/70E Input Carrier Change

The input carrier and the reaction carrier shaft were modified to accommodate the updated bearing.

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