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A518/618 Non-lock-up Converter

Now available from Consolidated Vehicle Converters are one-piece billet cover 5.9L diesel converters (#C49LSHD) for A518/618 ’89-’93 applications.

Chrysler Oversized TCC Regulator & Accumulator Valve Kit

The oversized TCC regulator and accumulator valve kit restores normal hydraulic control.

Beta Tools Announces New North American Subsidiary

Beta Tools USA  announced its North American presence as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Beta Utensili S.P.A., an Italian manufacturer of...

6T30 Solenoid Gasket

Overhaul kits now include updated screened solenoid gasket.

Video: 6R80 Valve Body Clips

Mike Riley says small items such as retainers and clips are important to inspect when splitting the valve body.

Update: CVT Program Video

CVT diagnosis and repair has become increasingly difficult due to the computer controls.

Video: Identifying ATF Contamination

Using test strips can help identify if there's water or antifreeze contamination.

Transmission/TECH Talk

GM 4L70-E ISS DTC P0716 or P0717

Find diagnostic and building tips in Transmission Digest's Tech/Talk quarterly bulletin – October '20

Toyota/Lexus U660E, U660F: Critical Wear Areas and Vacuum Test Locations

OE valves are shown in a rest position and should be tested in a rest position unless otherwise indicated. Test...

Allison 1000/2000 P2 Planetary Carrier Changes

In this edition of Transmission Tech/Talk, Wayne Colonna describes a new design for the Allison 1000/2000 P2 sun gear thrust...

GM 4L65E: The Purpose of Omitting the #5 Ball

Wayne Colonna describes a 4L65E with a modified valve body spacer plate where the #5 checkball was left out.

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