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Lubegard Scientist Dr. Landis Passes Away

We were saddened to learn that Dr. Phillip Landis, the scientist who developed the Lubegard synthetic lubricant molecule, passed at...

New Filter Catalog Adds 142 Late Model P/Ns, Expands Older Vehicle Coverage

Premium Guard Inc. (PGI) has released its new 2021 automotive filter catalog. The catalog represents the most current application information available...

Babcox Media Mourns the Passing of Tim Fritz, Longtime Editor and Friend

Babcox Media Editor Tim Fritz passed away on Feb. 23 from a heart attack. He was 53 years old. Tim...

GM Investing $100M in Transmission Plants

Following a $75M funding injection in its Toledo, Ohio transmission plant, General Motors has announced it will invest a further $100M...

Transtar Industries' Transend

Dave Hritsko and Patrick Flannery describe the use and contents of Transtar Industries’ Transend digital catalog and ordering system.

Video: Valve Body Inspection

Valve body inspection today requires much greater attention than yesterday.

Video: PCM Replacement

When a repair facility retains a job, it is with the hope that the necessary product is readily available. The question arises that when traditional sources and even the OEM is unable to provide a specific item what other options is there to complete the work.

Transmission/TECH Talk

Ford 4R75E Slipping in Third Gear

Complaint: The vehicle may come into the shop slipping in third gear, upon disassembly of the transmission the direct clutch...

Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep 4XRE Transmissions No Movement

Complaint: A vehicle equipped with a 4XRE Series Transmission stopped moving suddenly soon after overhaul. Since an unmodified 4XRE valve...

Ford Focus 4F27E Harsh Garage Shifts

Complaint: A 2006 Ford Focus with the 4F27E Transmission has complaints of harsh garage shifts as well as harsh lift...

4L60E/65E/70E Input Carrier Change

The input carrier and the reaction carrier shaft were modified to accommodate the updated bearing.

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