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Spotting the Changes to Ford 6R80 ’15-Later Valve Bodies

Ford has made some changes to the ’15-later 6R80 valve bodies that you’ll want to note to prevent any interchange and drivability problems.

Freudenburg-NOK’s Trans Tec plant

On the Cover
Transmission Digest visits Freudenburg-NOK’s Trans Tec plant in Milan, Ohio, and discusses the future of transmissions and the company.


Wayne Colonna breaks down a 42RE with a misfire problem.

The Aggressive Sale Doesn’t Sell

Andee Fromm describes the importance of not being too aggressive in sales.

September 2019 Issue

In This Issue:
Ford 6F35: Low-Reverse/1-2-3-4 Improved Clutch Housing
Ford 5R110W: Redesigned Sun Gear Shell
Ford 6R60 and 6R80 Transmissions: TCC Slip Code
GM 4L60 E Series: Intermittent Hard Shifts
4L60E Transmission: Late 2-3 Shift
4L60E: TCC Stuck-On Sensation

August 2019 Issue

In This Issue:
GM 8L45/90: Delayed Engagement After Prolonged Inactivity
GM 8L90: Gear Whine in Fourth and Fifth Gears
GM 8L90: Whistling Noise
GM Body Control Module: Ground Loss Module Damage

Avoid Brand X Parts Twists and Turns

Certain aftermarket serpentine belts can create an electrostatic discharge that can impact electrical components that happen to be too close, such as the TCM. In this particular model truck, the TCM is not too far away from the belt, and that was causing the erratic transmission operation and trouble code.

June 2019 Issue

In This Issue
62TE: No Reverse
Secondary Speed Sensor Code: CVT2/JF011E/F1C1A/RE0F10A

May 2019 Issue

In This Issue
Honda 4- and 5-Speed Transmissions: Whines in Neutral
Acura MDX BYFA 5-Speed transmission: P1744 – Shift Valve E Stuck On
Honda CRV 5-Speed: P0983 Open Solenoid D Circuit
Honda Odyssey: Loss of Solenoid Power

April 2019 Issue

In This Issue
Dodge AS68RC: Pressure Switch Fault After Replacement
Dodge AS68RC: Transmission Range Sensor Codes After Repairs
Ford 6R60/75/80: Delay Reverse and/or 2-3 Flare
Ford 6R60/75/80: Flared Shift Into 4th/5th/6th Hot

March 2019 Issue

In This Issue
GM 4T65E: Front Seal “Walk Out”
GM 6T40 Series Transmissions: No Third, Fifth or Reverse Gears
GM 6L80/90: No Fourth, Fifth or Sixth Gears
GM 6L80/90: Clutch Clearance Specifications

February 2019 Issue

In This Issue
Suburu 4AT Phase ll Version ll Control and Valve Body Changes