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Transmission Tech: 6R80 Harsh Downshift/Drive Apply Condition

Mike Riley is once again on the road, this time looking at a Ford truck with a harsh downshift.

TDTG 061820
Transmission Tech: How Other Components Impact Transmission

Mike Riley covers non-transmission components causing transmission problems.

TDTG 060820
Installation Matters

Zach Harkins, diagnostician, deals with a RE0F09A with a leak.

Transmission Tech: Subaru TR580 Converter Lockup Diagnosis

Mike Riley walks through the repair process on this Subaru.

TDTG 051920
Transmission Tech: DCT Operation Part 2

This is the second part to Mike Riley’s series on DCT operation.

TDTG 0501 DCT Part2
BendPak Announces Asset Purchase

BendPak has announced the aqcuisition of Garage Equipment Supply, among other brands.

Transmission Tech: Dual Clutch Operation Part 1

In this episode of Transmission Tech, Mike Riley begins a video series on DCT design, diagnostics and repair.

TDTG 042320 DCT Part1
Transmission Tech: Remote Assisted Programming

In this Transmission Tech video, Mike Riley discusses the RAP 2 and Euro kit functions and directions.

Rich History – Bright Future

Transmission Digest visits ATSG to discover how the company links tradition with forward thinking.

A New Surprise Around Every Corner

Paul Loch discusses a NAG1 transmission that wasn’t shifting correctly.

Transmission Repair, Transmission Performance

A look at Superior Transmission and Auto Repair in Heber Springs, Arkansas.

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Wayne Colonna Becomes ETE REMAN Technical Director

Wayne Colonna answers questions about his new position.