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FCA 62TE slipping in second and fifth

The complaint

Immediately after overhaul, a 2013 Chrysler Town and Country with a 3.6L engine and a 62TE transmission faults to limp mode. The scan tool reveals trouble codes P0732 “Second Gear Ratio Error,” P0735 “Fifth Gear Ratio Error,” P0792 “Compounder Speed Error,” and P1790 “Fault After Shift” are set. During the overhaul procedure, the direct drum and piston were replaced using aftermarket parts. These parts were thought to be defective and were replaced with OEM parts—but the same complaints remained present.

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The cause

The direct clutch non-removable captured check balls had fallen out of the valve body transfer plate and had gone unnoticed—refer to Figure 9. Technicians noticed this when they decided to replace the valve body and the technician wished to reuse the new solenoid pack.

Figure 9.

The correction

The valve body assembly was replaced.

Service information

These non-removable captured check balls are used by the factory during testing of the clutch oil circuits. Nozzles are inserted to unseat the check balls and pressure retention is checked, after which the nozzles are retracted and the balls seal the clutch circuit. Make certain that the non-removable check balls are present in their location and that they have the ability to seal. Non-removable check ball clutch oil circuit identification can be found in Figure 10.

Figure 10.

Removable check ball identification can be found in Figure 11.

Figure 11.

Case passage and accumulator identification can be found in Figure 12.

Figure 12.

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