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62TE overheat discoloring: A brand new issue


Just when you might think you’ve seen everything that can happen to a transmission, Bob Perry from Fischer Transmissions uncovered what might be a brand-new issue.

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In this case, the car was a 2015 Pro Master with a 62TE transmission that was in failsafe with Code P0883 for TCM Power Input High. This means the relay is stuck in the “On” position keeping voltage to the solenoid block when the ignition is off. Bob pulled the relay out of the Power Distribution Center (it wasn’t an IPM) and checked terminal 3 for voltage (see figures 1 through 3).


It was hot when it shouldn’t have been indicating s short in the wiring below the PDC rather than a defective relay. A defective relay would have been a much easier repair. When Bob lifted the PDC, he made a new discovery. Apparently, this PDC was defective as it showed signs of overheat discoloring. Someone else at an earlier time rewired and installed a whole new Transmission Relay under this PDC. So when Bob lifted it up, he saw it hanging there as shown in figure 4.


This relay was defective being stuck in the On position. Once he installed a new relay, all was well.



Shift-Pointers-Figure-1-Idle-Crank-Signal-1400 Shift-Pointers-Figure-1-Idle-Crank-Signal-1400


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