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September 2018 Issue

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MRMA 5-speed Acura RSX: Neutralizing into fourth gear
722.9 new design valve body: 7 G-Tronic plus generation six

August 2018 Issue

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Chrysler solenoid electrical codes: The inductive spike
Ford 5R110W: Slips forward after initial engagement
Jeep Grand Cherokee: P03520 ignition fault
GM global diagnostic system: Module swapping

July 2018 Issue

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4F27E/FNR5: Slipping or No Reverse
6F50N: Bump/slip on initial takeoff
6R80: One-way clutch bias spring
6R80: Output speed sensor failure
6R140W: 1-2-3-4/3-5-R clutch housing assembly
BMW xDrive AWD: Transfer case and grinding noise

June 2018 Issue

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Dodge 68RFE: Valve body and solenoid assembly changes

May 2018 Issue

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Toyota U660-E: Harsh TCC apply

April 2018 Issue

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Toyota U151E: Harsh up and down shifts
Hyundai A4CF2: Cap seal location
Honda/Acura: Light throttle shudder
Acura MDX: No reverse after rebuild

March 2018 Issue

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4L70E input speed sensor fault
GM TCM damage during removal
GM 4T40/65/80-4L80-E: P0730 gear ratio error

February 2018 Issue

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BMW SMG hydraulic pump unit: No clutch and shift control
Suzuki Forenza ZF4HP16: P0705 transmission range sensor fault
BMW ZF6HP family: Planetary noise also when stopped in drive

January 2018 Issue

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Ford F-450 & F-550 trucks with 5R110W intermittent solenoid codes
Mitsubishi Fuso FE & FG series ’05-10 code dealer adjust
Dodge AS68RC: Cooler-line retaining clips
GM 4L60/65/70E: P0894 transmission component slip

December 2017 Issue

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Dodge/Jeep 42RLE: Multiple Solenoid Circuit and Pressure Switch Faults
Honda, no reverse
Ford 500 AF21/TF-81SC, no engagement

November 2017 Issue

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Dodge Caliber CVT: Multiple solenoid faults
AS68RC: Early TCC apply & no PTO operation/no 5th, 6th, TCC apply

October 2017 Issue

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Audi 01J: DTC 17114 gear ration monitoring: incorrect gear ratio
ZF5HP-19/FL/FLA: Firm engagement into D harsh cost-downshifts
AW55-50/51SN: Harsh reverse engagement