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January 2003 Issue

Issue Summary:

Accumulator springs that have been installed incorrectly, or accumulator-piston shafts that are scored or worn and are interfering with accumulator-piston movement, can cause various shift-quality complaints.

On some 1996 and 1997 Ford Taurus and Sable models, the PCM may have been reprogrammed to eliminate TCC operation during normal driving conditions.

December 2002 Issue

Issue Summary:

Before or after overhaul, Volkswagen/Audi vehicles equipped with the 01M transaxle may exhibit no forward engagement or a slipping condition on take-off in first gear.

Beginning at the start of production for 1999 models, all THM 4L80-E transmissions were built with a revised manual-2nd band that is wider than the previous design.

Beginning at the start of production for all 1999-model THM 4L80-E transmissions, the planetary pinions on both carriers were produced 10% thicker than in the previous models.

Some 1995-96 Buick Century and Oldsmobile Ciera vehicles equipped with the 3.1-liter engine and the THM 4T40-E transaxle may exhibit a condition of third-gear starts and the air conditioner not working.

Some 1993-95 Cadillacs equipped with the THM 4T80-E transaxle may illuminate the Service Engine Soon lamp and store P080 as a current code. After you try to clear the code, it remains as a hard code.

Before and/or after rebuild of a THM 4T40-E, the vehicle illuminates the Check Engine lamp and stores code P1887 or P0742 in memory.

November 2002 Issue

Issue Summary:

Ford introduced a new-design sun shell with tabs added to the center of the sun-shell slots in the 4R100 as a running change during the 2000 model year.

Starting with the 2000 model year on all AX4N transaxles and 2001 on all AX4S transaxles, Ford Motor Co. introduced a new-design pump bearing that includes an integrated seal.

When the bolts attaching the pump to the converter housing in the Ford A4LD, 4R55E, 5R55E, 5R55N or 5R55W are being tightened, the threads in one or more of the bolt holes may strip out, requiring repair using the Heli-Coil® method.

Beginning in the 2000 model year, as a running change to the A670 (31TH) and A604 (41TE), DaimlerChrysler introduced a new-design final-drive cross-shaft retainer and eliminated the retaining pin.

October 2002 Issue

In This Issue
1987-90 Acura Legend: Controller Locations

When a code is stored in 1987-90 Acura Legends, there may be confusion in locating the A/T controller to read the blinking light for codes. In many cases the technician has mistakenly located the engine controller or is trying to find and jump a diagnostic connector that doesn’t exist.

September 2002 Issue

Issue Summary:

After rebuild, 4R44/55E and 5R55E units may exhibit delayed engagement when hot.

Some full-size GM four-wheel-drive trucks may experience a “Service 4WD” indicator light that remains on.

After replacement of the turbine-speed sensor, Ford/Mazda CD4Es may experience a persistent gear-ratio error.

In Daewoo Lanos, Nubira and Leganza, there may be a variety of drivability complaints after repairs.

Technicians may encounter difficulty removing torque-converter bolts in some GM units.

Using the factory-specified fluid is essential with ZF automatic transmissions.

Driveline vibration may occur under certain condi-tions in 2000-model GM trucks with a 4L60-E.

August 2002 Issue

Issue Summary:

A 4T80-E may exhibit suddenly firm shifts accompanies by intermittent ratio codes P0731 and P0732.

After a valve-body exchange during either a rebuild or a repair, an AX4S/AXODE exhibits a harsh upshift into 2nd gear. No codes are present, and a pressure check verifies that line pressure is within specifications.

A new drain-plug transmission kit is available to prevent leaks from the oil-pan plug on Toyota models.

July 2002 Issue

Issue Summary:

Fluid foaming in the 41TE may be caused by the cooler bypass valve in the case under the pump.

Delayed bang engagement on the Honda Civic HX may be caused by several reasons, one of which is a stretched steel belt slipping in the pulleys.

After replacement of a turbine-speed sensor, Ford/Mazda CD4Es may experience a persistent gear-ratio error.

We also have included a special conversion procedure for Mazda-to-Ford ID

June 2002 Issue

Issue Summary:

This month we cover an interesting situation in 1999 and later Mercury Cougars that can be caused by a defective radio.

Persistent codes for throttle-position and/or vehicle-speed sensor on Nissan Quest/Mercury Villager can be caused by lower engine mounts.

A number of factors can cause a shuttle-shift complaint in RE units behind 5.9-liter diesel engines that cycle in and out of lockup at highway speed.

May 2002 Issue

Issue Summary:

Harsh reverse engagement in Volvo AW50-42LE can have four possible causes.

Chrysler RWD units may experience repeated failures from meltdown of the front quick-disconnect line clips. Replace the quick-disconnect fittings with threaded fittings that will not melt.

Revisions have been made to the valve body and spacer plate on Ford AODE/4R70W.

Transmission-fluid leak from the vent in a 4T65-E can be prevented by replacing the upper-channel-plate cover gasket with an updated gasket.

A stator support turned inside the cover of a ZF-5HP-18 in a BMW can cause no power on take-off, neutralizing, bind-ups and failsafe.

Check for a defective mass-air-flow sensor in AX4S/N, AODE/4R70W and E4OD with converter-clutch shuttle.

April 2002 Issue

Issue Summary:

This month’s issue deals with code-retrieval methods on the Isuzu NPR/GMC Forward Tiltmaster for model years 1988 to 2000.

March 2002 Issue

Issue Summary:

This month’s issue features a number of charts that will lead you through the inner workings of this ZF transmission manufactured in Germany: BMW ZF-5HP-19FL.

February 2002 Issue

This month’s issue deals with 1992 and later Ford trucks that are equipped with LCD (liquid crystal display) odometers and experience intermittent or continuous loss of vehicle-speed signal.