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First, Do No Harm – Things you should know about performance servos

We see fewer servos in later-model transmissions, but we still deal with them when rebuilding older units. For the most part it is business as usual, except for a few performance applications where a deeper understanding of servo operation can make all the difference when trying to make a transmission stand up to higher power.

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Cadillac CTS engine eruption
Manual Transmission Clutch Service – DDCT Style
Audi Dual Clutch Transmission

Acura MDX with a Mind of its Own

Little did the owner of a 2005 Acura MDX know that at the time the transmission in his vehicle was being repaired that it was the start of a long uphill battle. The vehicle initially was towed into a shop for inspection due to a no-movement condition. In addition, the check-engine light was on indicating the presence of trouble codes, several of which were verified on a scanner.

Another Case of Brutality

Our technical help line is now experiencing a different transmission that can have a variety of severe shifts complaints. It is with Ford’s 6R60/80 transmission. We received one such call from Mr. Transmission in Louisville, Ky., with a 2007 Explorer Sport 4.6L that had 65,000 miles. It shifted fine until you went for passing gear out of 4th. The shift was so brutal that it felt like the transmission went into reverse. There were no codes present. An entirely different call was a complaint of firm shifts and during full throttle kickdowns the vehicle speed signal would drop to zero. It too did not have codes. Yet another call received, all the shifts were extremely severe and it had a variety of CAN BUS codes stored.

Finally, the truck shows its cards

We’ve all had to contend with intermittent electrical problems. These are typically the most difficult issue to pinpoint, as the root cause literally plays hide and seek with you. The following issue that I encountered belonged to a 2008 Dodge Ram 5500 in which the customer stated the transmission wasn’t shifting, and the check-engine light was on.

The Importance of Doing What’s Right

G&M Farnsworth Transmissions, Amarillo, Texas

Lead Your Employees to Succeed

Noting the difference between a production employee and one who manages others. As a production employee you had the luxury of only having to think about the work you were producing, at the moment, and how doing so benefitted you and the company. As a manager you now have to think about how the work that everyone does benefits all of the employees, the customers and, of course, the entire business. You can no longer function on the “What’s in it for me” mentality. Once again, as a manager, you will be a success when you lead everyone in your care to be successful.

Full-Time & Selectable 4-Wheel Drives

2011 and later GM trucks equipped with four-wheel drives will be found with three different types of IFS (independent front suspension) front drive axles. There is an 8.25” ring gear and two different 9.25” ring gear front axles. The 8.25” and one of the 9.25” axles are the “suitcase” type of design using two aluminum case halves that bolt together containing the ring and pinion, differential carrier and other components. The other 9.25” unit is a Salisbury (Spicer design) with a one-piece case with a removable case cover, which is used in the 2500 and 3500 HD models. The aluminum split case design has been in use for many years and the 9.25” Salisbury type was introduced in 2011.

Consolidated Vehicle Converters: Heavyweight Contenders

Consolidated Vehicle Converters, Inc. (CVC) founder Julie Maynard-Turner says she didn’t set out to create the large-scale torque converter remanufacturing operation that the company has become. She remembers her start-up in April of 1996 with herself & one employee. Soon afterwards, her sister Marcia Maynard-Prugh joined the effort, to be followed later by her brother-in-law Tim Prugh. After a brief absence from the industry her father, John Maynard, a pioneer in the converter rebuilding industry, also came on board. “At age 84 he still comes into the plant every day and is a vital part of our management team and we’ve all adopted his work ethics,” she recalls.

Trusting Your Customers Part One

I’ve been standing in line for 30 minutes or so by the time I realize I may not get to eat breakfast today. I’m in line for, what I’ve been told, is the most amazing breakfast burrito on the planet. Apparently it’s no secret, because Good Eggs is packed. Imagine a Qdoba or Chipotle but instead of meat, these guys make eggs, potatoes, and vegetables and wrap them up in a giant tortilla. There are three things on the menu: basic, standard and deluxe wrap. And there are 100 people in line to order them at the counter.