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General Motors 6T70 component upgrades

Too Close For Comfort: Pinpointing 4L60E Gear Train Assembly Problems

Let’s take a look at a common 4L60/65/70E scenario. During assembly of the transmission, the technician has difficulty installing the output shaft snap ring (Figure 1), or while checking the input shaft endplay finds that it is too tight or too loose (spec is 0.005″ to 0 .035″). The technician tears the unit back down to inspect for an (assumed) assembly problem, but cannot seem to figure out why the stack-up is not working.

The Honey Effect

No two customers or situations are exactly the same. But you will find that you get better results if you treat the person on the other end with respect and a little extra TLC.

Diagnosing Shifting Issues

One of the best and easiest tools that I use almost daily for diagnosing transmission problems is Passbook or application-chart information. When I have a shifting issue, a review of what solenoids and friction elements are applied in each gear can let me see what areas of the transmission the problem may be caused by, so I can then differentiate whether there is an electrical or mechanical issue causing the symptoms.

How Easy, or Hard, Is it to Service the Gen III Vehicle?

The Prius family – Prius Hatchback, Prius C, Prius V and the Plug-in – is still wildly popular, and a new Prius is coming soon. So this issue, we’ll compare the second-generation Prius (2004-09) to the current, third-generation Prius (2010-15). The redesign changed a lot, technically, but did the car get easier or harder to service and repair?

Déjà Vu All Over Again: Understanding Ring-and-Pinion Setup

This article will attempt to explain once again the proper procedures to successfully replace a ring-and-pinion set. Although I have addressed this topic more frequently than I want to, ring-and-pinion setup continues to mystify many technicians. Replacing a ring-and-pinion set is one of the simplest and most profitable repairs for a shop. There has always been a mystique involving what should be an easy repair and in the past many shops turned away this work or farmed it out to a specialist. Perhaps there are many new people coming into the business, or shops that are not that experienced are trying to add more services for their customers to increase gross sales, or more customers are looking to improve fuel economy or vehicle performance; whatever, this simple repair generates more tech calls than virtually anything else. Hence, we go over procedures to follow for a simple, cost effective repair.

The Older We Get

Aging is not always a pleasant subject with which to deal. It tends to slow us down, make us forgetful and force us to change the way we go about our everyday lives. Although deep down inside most of us will be 25 forever, our bodies don’t help us keep that promise. Our brains tell our arms and legs which way to go but they don’t always obey, and remembering everything that used to be automatic becomes a struggle, so we have to continually think a move or two ahead.
I’ve found, as I’ve aged, that the simpler I keep things the more chance I’ll have of remembering them. This is especially true in dealing with customers. If I follow the same routines and tell the truth all the time there is much less I have to remember, allowing me to be far more effective. That way I won’t hesitate when I’m speaking and won’t have to search my internal database constantly trying to remember what lie I told to which customer. I was never a very good liar to begin with, but for those who are, you probably won’t be as you age, so it might be a good idea to start changing your tactics now.

GM 8L90 – The Other 8 Speed Automatic: Part 1

One example of how time flies by is the fact that there has been an eight-speed automatic transmission on the road since 2007. The Aisin Corp. beat everyone to the punch when they developed the AA80E for use by Lexus. The next eight-speed automatic to hit the streets came from ZF in late 2009 and was used by Audi and BMW. Even Hyundai got into the mix by releasing the A8LR1 and A8TR1 in 2011.