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Tasc Force Tips: Ford E4OD, 4R100

Ford E4OD, 4R100
Critical Wear Areas & Vacuum Test Locations

The Tale of the Sprinting Hippo

Instead of looking at our entire workload as a never-ending pile of features to build, integrations to create and automations to… well, automate, we just look at it as a series of 2-weeks-worth lists of projects to accomplish.


“I think we’re one of the last, large hard parts specialty houses that will ship a part directly to a shop while selling high-volume quantities to perhaps a half dozen production remanufacturer customers,” said Jeff Burris during a recent Transmission Digest visit to Dunkirk, Indiana hard parts supplier Teal Automotive, Inc. Jeff wears several hats as he oversees purchasing and overall facility operations.

December 2019 Issue

Honda 4- and 5-speed Transmission: Whines in Neutral
Honda CRV 5-speed: P0983 Open Solenoid D Circuit
Acura MDX BYFA 5-speed Transmission: P1744 Shift Valve E Stuck On

An Inexpensive Fix for the 4R70W

The bearing that is being used in this updated carrier is exactly like the one Ford uses in their 5R110W transmission for the front planetary. If your shop can lay hands on extra captured needle bearings, the fix is easy. Knock out two small pinion gears and you gain easy access to the bearing for replacement.

Shop profile: Delta Transmission follows the golden rule

Naturally he took it to someone he knew- Corbet Bonds, then-owner of Delta Transmission. Delta Transmission was first covered by Transmission Digest in 2000 (Vol. 19, No. 6). It is just as clear now as it was then that Roger’s fascination is what led him to his position. Unlike some customers, Roger didn’t sit in the lobby drinking coffee, or run errands while his vehicle was repaired. Instead, he watched the process of the transmission being rebuilt. “I thought, well, shoot that’s kind of neat,” he said.

An Identity Crisis

Some Ford vehicles using the 5R110W are having an identity crisis. Let me explain. A 2010 Ford F450 Rollback with a 6.8L V-10 gas engine comes into Walkers Auto Trans & Repair with a complaint of a loss of power and transmission not shifting. When the truck was scanned it showed fault codes P0720 and P0722 for the output speed sensor. Scan data also showed that all transmission speed sensors read nothing.

From The Publisher

It’s been a year of progress and change for the powertrain aftermarket in general and particularly for Transmission Digest. As we settle into our acquisition by Babcox Media, you’ll be seeing a lot more of our brand. We’re expanding our digital presence beginning in January with much more content coming much more often. The same is true with video productions, webinars and podcasts.

The Rules of Selling in the Automotive Trades – Part 5

Selling can be hard work that pays off well or easy work that doesn’t. While it may not be a major rule of selling it is a very important one. It has to do with how hard you want to work physically as opposed to mentally. Again, like as in most other areas, you have a choice. You can either work hard at learning how to deal with customers to get what you need for the success of your business or if you don’t want to do that you can work on lots of cars, well into the night at times, to make up for the fact that you aren’t selling jobs the way they need to be sold to do what’s right for both you and your customers.

Trouble in Reverse

When I first started the engine, the car jerked and moved forward 5’ and then neutralized. I noted a hydraulic pump whine also, and when I brought it into the shop I first checked the fluid and found transmission. This Mustang had 96,000 miles on it, so I thought surely this wasn’t a serious electrical issue.

Exploring Some of the Mystery in the MP3023 Transfer Case

Up to Standards Introduced in 2011 in the Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 series and Dodge Durango vehicles and continuing into 2019, there are a lot of these units on the roads. Magna Powertrain designed and produced the 3023 and 3010 transfer cases. The 3010 series is a single speed active transfer case (no low range)

Shop Profile: Straight Line Transmissions Inc.

Inside the Straight Line Transmissions Inc. shop in Greenbrier, Arkansas, you will find four bays and five lifts, and Caleb Emberson is about to add a sixth. It’s impressive growth from the one-man transmission operation that Caleb bootstrapped six and a half years ago.