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Watch: Clearing up common misconceptions about the Chrysler 62TE

In the latest video from the Transtar Garage Studio, Dave Hritsko, Transtar’s technical product specialist, talks about the Chrysler 62TE transmission. According to Dave, there’s one aspect of the electrical side of things on this transmission that has resulted in some common misconceptions: the solenoid on the valve body. Learn more in the video above.

Solenoids for 2007-19 Stellantis Transmissions

Electrical solenoids from Transtar fit several Stellantis (formerly FCA) transmission applications (including VW Routan). The lists below highlight the transmission model fitments and applications. Name Years 41TE 2008 – 2010 62TE 2007 – 2019 40TES 2012 – 2013 41TES 2011 – 2016 62TEA 2011 – 2016 Transmissions Years Vehicle Drive Types 2008 – 2016 Chrysler

Chrysler RFE Transmission Family Part 2: Solenoid and Valve Body Components

To enhance fuel economy Chrysler released the A500/A518 overdrives in the late ’80s and ’90s.

Solenoid Testing Machine

Hydra-Test’s new machine is enhanced with expanded features.

Kia Borrego: A5SR2 Transmission

This A5SR2 came into the shop in 4th gear failsafe. The codes pulled were P0732, P0733 and P0734 gear ratio codes along with a P0763 Direct Clutch (D/C) solenoid performance code.

Diagnosing Solenoid Performance Faults in A761, AB60 & A960 6-Speed Units

The Toyota/Lexus A761, AB60 and A960 6-speed transmissions have been showing up in shops more frequently over the last couple of years. Warranties are expiring and people seem to be hanging on to their vehicles longer these days. Even so, there are a number of different issues with these transmissions, including torque-converter clutch failure that is especially chronic with AB60 Tundra applications. Common to all these units is a problem that sticks out a bit more than the others, though: on-off solenoid mechanical fault codes. You’ll see these as P0751 S1 solenoid performance, P0756 S2 solenoid performance, P0761 S3 solenoid performance and P0766 S4 solenoid performance codes.

Double Trouble

In today’s world of automatic transmissions we see several different types of solenoids being used depending on the strategy the engineer chose to employ. There are the typical on/off solenoids that could be normally closed or normally open. And then there are PWM solenoids, normally applied or normally vented.

RAV4’s Transmission Dilemma Presents Challenge

The code chart for the P0770 shift-solenoid-E malfunction has a simple description of the diagnostic trouble code (DTC) checking condition: It says that the lockup does not occur during lockup range (50 mph) or lockup remains on during lockup-off range. The possible causes listed are that the shift-solenoid valve is stuck open or closed, the valve body is blocked or stuck, or the clutch is locked up.

Clearing up Some Toyota Solenoid Confusion

Different terminology for the same part has been an ongoing problem in the transmission industry ever since I can remember. When I was learning to rebuild transmissions, Chrysler Torqueflite and Ford C-4 transmissions were always in the shop. These two transmissions had the same power flow, but all the internal components had different names.

Low/Reverse-Solenoid Circuit Fault Code P0750 (41)

Without question, aside from P1776 (47), one of the most-common trouble codes plaguing Dodge/Chrysler vehicles is P0750 (or 41), “Low/Reverse Solenoid Circuit error,” in 41TE-type transmissions (see Shift Pointers, October 2008). This is purely an electrical code and typically points to the solenoid, the wiring (which includes the connectors) from the solenoid body to the TCM, or the TCM itself. In so many instances on our technical hotline the cause has been a defective TCM. What becomes very frustrating is out-of-the-box remanufactured TCMs coughing up the same code as soon as they are installed; makes you think you missed something in your previous diagnosis.

Solenoid-Pack Information for the Chrysler 62TE

The 62TE is a transmission that you will be seeing in your shop soon. It was first used in 2007 in the Chrysler Sebring with the 3.5L engine and the Pacifica with the 4.0L engine, and in 2008 it was used in the minivans with the larger 3.8L and 4.0L engines. This six-speed transmission is still being used today.

The 62TE solenoid pack is made up of six shift solenoids, one line-pressure solenoid, a temperature sensor and five pressure switches. The pressure switches are just like the ones in a 604 solenoid pack.

Volkswagen DSG 02E: A simple fix for a solenoid problem

With the increase in manufacturers forcing the purchase of subcomponent replacements rather than enabling you to buy only what you need, it’s great to get a break every once in a while. Such is the case with Volkswagen’s 02E Direct Shift Gearbox. The solenoids mounted on the valve body are not available individually, so if you needed just one solenoid you would have to buy the entire Mechatronic assembly (valve body, solenoids and TCM) for about a thousand bucks.