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Jeep Gets a Six-Speed – the NSG370 Manual Transmission

The Jeep brand is one of the iconic names in automotive history. Created as a personnel carrier for the military during World War II, the brand has been owned by several manufacturers over the years and is now part of Chrysler Corp. The use of the original military vehicles by millions of American service members during and after the war created a market for the brand that is still very strong today.

Piston-Lining Wear in GM 300mm Converters

The customer was driving 55 mph when he noticed an engine-speed flare and realized that the lockup was no longer holding. There also was a growling noise when the converter tried to lock up. When the converter was cut open, there was fine black material resembling graphite on the stator assembly.

Some Things Never Change

A whole lot of concern has been raised lately over the fact that pricing information (right or wrong) has become so easy to obtain. Callers now start conversations with, “I was just on the Internet and I have a price to rebuild my transmission. How much can you do it for?” It’s annoying and upsetting to shop owners and service advisers that the public seems to know so much about their business.

JF011E/RE0F10A: Bench Tips

The JF011E/RE0F10A (Figure 1) is a continuously variable transmission used in Dodge, Mitsubishi and Nissan vehicles as far back as 2007. These units have been increasingly visiting the shops for a variety of reasons. Some issues are repairable, but at other times the unit needs to be replaced. In some instances, electrical components and/or the valve body needs to be removed or swapped over to another unit. This article will provide some tips making this process a bit easier and pointing out some of the mistakes that others have made so you can avoid these self-inflicted injuries.

Under Pressure: Sticking solenoid inhibits reverse engagement

With the quantity and price of solenoids becoming a substantial additional investment in the price of a transmission reman, testing and reclaiming the solenoids has become mandatory.

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5R110W: Transmission-range-sensor/speed-sensor faults or no start
AW55-50SN/RE5F22A/AF33-23: Flared 2-3/servo differences
AW55-50SN/RE5F22A/AF33-23: Clunks and bumps

A Tale of a T-Case

The BorgWarner 44-05 and 44-06 transfer case used in Ford trucks is known to suffer from case-wear issues. Because the case halves are magnesium they tend to wear in the pocket that supports the steel shift rail (Figure 1) that holds the shift and mode forks.

Some Critters Have No Respect for the Law

In my opinion, the new Dodge Charger is one sweet ride; turn it into a police cruiser and it looks fast and intimidating just sittin’ on the side of the road. When our local sheriff dropped off his patrol car, it still looked impressive; however, the service-engine lamp and supplemental-restraint lamps were both illuminated, and there was a noticeable seat-of-the-pants misfire. This charger was currently pretty lame, and we pulled her directly into our “Emergency Room” (Figure 1).