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4R100 Flow Issues

The 4R100 has come by its flow problems honestly. It has inherited them from the E4OD.

May 2006 Issue

Issue Summary:

In Dodge trucks & vans with RE rear-wheel-drive units, the transmission shuttle-shifts, and governor pressure and governor-pressure-sensor voltage are erratic.

Electronic noise on the TPS-signal wire is the most-likely cause of RE RWD transmissions cycling in and out of lockup.

In 1990-93 Honda Accords equipped with an “S” or “Sport” light, the light stays on all the time. In other vehicles the “D4” light remains on.

Broken pump gears and/or a severely damaged pump assembly may result in no movement in Dodge, Chrysler, Hyundai & Mitsubishi vehicles with F4A41/42/51-series transaxles.

Switch Hitter

When the owner was asked whether this was a problem before the truck came in to have the transmission replaced, he said it wasn’t but that the alternator had been replaced recently. Hmmm, could there be a “connection?” (No pun intended)

Ratio Relations

What is little understood by the public is how much work goes into developing a new race car. The platform of the stock GTO is modified to the maximum the rules allow. The car will compete at 2,800 pounds and has 260 linear feet of roll cage in it. A fuel cell, a modified LS6 engine equipped with Crane cams and producing 420 horsepower at the rear wheels, adjustable gas shocks, racing brakes, an Exedy racing clutch and a Tremec T56 six-speed transmission all work to make this car capable of 160-180 mph.

Being Nice Pays Off like a Slot Machine

Some of the most-successful business people in the world are also some of the most gracious. When you talk with them they make you feel important, that what you have to say matters, that you are their only concern at that moment. Just think how successful you might be if every one of your customers felt that way about you and your company. The key is to have people say, “Wow, what a great experience I had with the person I dealt with at ….”

All Fired Up

The doodad we’re going to discuss here is an optional one that is installed by Ford Fleet Services, a subsidiary of Ford Motor Co. Ford Fleet installs systems in fleet vehicles such as police cars that include items like the flashing roof lights, sirens, Kevlar‚ lined trunks etc. Ford Fleet also installs a fire-suppression system, which is the one we’re going to discuss here.