Transmission Shops: Installation
Persistent P2757 DTC

When the vehicle was scanned, a P2757 code was pulled which is a solenoid performance code for the SLU (TCC) solenoid.

GM 4L60/65/70-E Front Planet to Reaction Shaft Thrust Bearing

This new Sonnax front planet to reaction shaft thrust bearing (#74238-01) is an OE replacement for GM ’07-later 4L60-E, 4L65-E and 4L70-E units.

An RE7R01B Dilemma

Harold Grisham from Grisham Transmission Center had quite a dilemma on his hands. A 2016 Nissan Titan comes to his shop with a sudden no reverse with 60K on the odometer. This vehicle has the RE7R01B transmission in it and this is where the dilemma begins. After a basic inspection, it revealed the ATF level

Diagnostics vs. Repair Roles

Being relatively new to transmission diagnostics, I’m always learning new techniques to try and simplify the process. However, at times it still can be overwhelming. After my years as a reman plant worker and R&R technician, I find there is more of a mechanical approach in the transmission repair field compared to the electrical side

Diagnosis: Do the Homework

Occasionally in diagnosing transmission problems technicians are faced with challenges that force us to look beyond the transmission control system. As vehicles become increasingly complex, it is crucial that we educate ourselves with all systems pertaining to the vehicle we are diagnosing. Many systems are tied together in one way or another and can directly

The State of the Converter Industry

With all things considered; I think we had more business problems in the market crash of 2008, but we overcame that situation, and I believe we will all survive this ordeal.

Scoped Out

Chris Adams, Certified Transmission diagnostician, shares the story of a 6R140 and stresses the importance of control.

Installation Matters

Zach Harkins, diagnostician, deals with a RE0F09A with a leak.

A New Surprise Around Every Corner

Paul Loch discusses a NAG1 transmission that wasn’t shifting correctly.

Snowplow Diagnostics

Mike Greer breaks down an AS68RC, bearing a snowplow, with diagnostic issues.


Mike Greer breaks down a 42RLE that has trouble leaving park.

Trouble in Reverse

When I first started the engine, the car jerked and moved forward 5’ and then neutralized. I noted a hydraulic pump whine also, and when I brought it into the shop I first checked the fluid and found transmission. This Mustang had 96,000 miles on it, so I thought surely this wasn’t a serious electrical issue.