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An RE7R01B Dilemma

Harold Grisham from Grisham Transmission Center had quite a dilemma on his hands. A 2016 Nissan Titan comes to his shop with a sudden no reverse with 60K on the odometer. This vehicle has the RE7R01B transmission in it and this is where the dilemma begins.

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After a basic inspection, it revealed the ATF level was full, nice, and red with no apparent burnt smell.  When scanned, there were no fault codes stored and trans data showed the TRS and OSS reading properly.  The truck was taken for a short road test to verify proper forward operation as stated, and the customer complaint was confirmed.

Figure 1

The unit was removed and disassembled.  The only damage was to the reverse brake clutch (figure 1) and a piston seal was torn up and broken (figure 2).  Close inspection revealed that the support/reverse piston housing was cracked (figure 3).

Figure 2

And this is the dilemma. The support/reverse piston housing was not readily available from aftermarket suppliers.  Additionally, this piece was not available from the dealer either.  The dealer stated the only internal parts available for this unit was the TCM/VB with solenoids as an assembly.

Figure 3

To get the customer out on the road, Harold was forced to replace the complete assembly with a unit from the dealer. A very expensive option as opposed to what would have been an affordable repair.



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