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ZF Aftermarket introduced more than 770 new parts in 2023

ZF Aftermarket reports that it released more than 770 new parts over the course of 2023. According to ZF, those parts include 115 part numbers for ZF transmission products, including nearly 70 SACHS torque converters, and four different formulations of ZF Lifeguard e-Fluid for hybrid engines. A wide variety of other car and truck parts

Sonnax highlights clutch backing plate for ZF transmissions

Sonnax highlights its heavy duty “D” clutch backing plate (part no. 35570-75) for ZF8HP55, ZF8HP70 and ZF8HP75 transmissions. According to Sonnax, this plate can help prevent flexing of the clutch pack in these transmissions. The plate is twice as thick as its OEM counterpart for significantly improved protection against burn-up, Sonnax says.

Alto adds friction and steel clutches for ZF differentials

Alto has introduced a new line of friction and steel clutches for ZF differentials, model years 2011 and on. The friction clutches feature Alto’s K2 high-energy material.

Alto introduces new torque converter steel for ZF, Chrysler transmissions

Alto has introduced a new torque converter steel for ZF and Chrysler transmissions from model years 2010 and on. The selective .196″/5mm torque converter steel (part no. 215765C) is made for ZF8HP45 and 845RE (AL450E) models. The company notes that this torque converter steel can be used with Alto # 215758A or # 215758B, and permits the user to adjust

RatioTek introduces new transmission tuner kits for Ford, BMW, ZF

RatioTek has introduced two new transmission tuner kits: one for Ford and BMW applications, the other for ZF transmissions. The RT‐6R80‐PR and RT‐6R80‐PRX products are suited for Ford 6R60/75/80/90/100 and BMW ZF6HP26 ‐ ZF6HP28 six-speed rear-wheel drive applications from 2005 through 2022. The RT‐8HP75‐PR and RT‐8HP75‐PRX tuner kits, meanwhile, are suited for ZF8HP45/70/90/95 eight-speed rear-wheel

ZF Aftermarket launches mechatronic transmission kits

ZF has introduced its mechatronic service kit which bundles all the components needed for servicing mechatronics on ZF transmissions, which the company describes as a critical step in restoring the transmission to OE standards. The kit’s 19 SKUs cover a range of Audi, Land Rover, BMW and other manufacturers’ car and SUV models. In addition

Sonnax highlights solenoid test manifold kit

Sonnax highlights its solenoid test manifold kit (part no. 35430-VTK), which allows users to verify solenoid internal sealing integrity in ZF8HP45/55/70 and Chrysler 845RE transmissions. According to Sonnax, the leading cause of solenoid failure in these units is an inability to maintain an internal mechanical seal, resulting in a multitude of drivability concerns. This kit

Alto introduces ZF bonded valve body plates

Alto has introduced two new lines of ZF bonded valve body plates—one applicable for 845RE, ZF8HP45/70/90 applications; the other for ZF8HP45/50/55/70/75/95 applications. See the Alto website for more information about compatibility, part numbers, etc.

Alto introduces new friction and steel clutches for ZF differential

Alto’s latest product release is a new line of friction and steel clutches for ZF differentials from model years 2011 and on. Alto notes that these clutches feature its K2 high-energy material. As pictured above, two-sided friction, one-sided friction and a steel plate are available.

Alto introduces new input speed sensor for ZF4HP16 transmission

Alto has introduced a new input speed sensor for the ZF4HP16 transmission, covering ZF, GM and Suzuki applications (OEM model no. 93745940, Alto product no. 192502).

Sonnax highlights heavy duty “E” clutch hub

Sonnax highlights the heavy duty “E” clutch hub (#35572-38T) for ZF8HP70 transmissions. This clutch hub is crafted from forged 4000-series aluminum, the same material used for high-performance engine pistons. According to Sonnax, the improved material significantly increases “E” clutch durability. Users can restore normal operation to ZF8HP70 transmissions after “E” clutch hub failure and avoid

Where to find wear on the Chrysler 948TE, ZF9HP48

Sonnax has provided the following guide on the critical wear areas and vacuum test locations found in the Chrysler 948TE and ZF9HP48 models. Technicians working on these models should find this guide helpful.