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Sonnax releases boost valve kits for Toyota transmissions

Sonnax has released new drop-in C1 and C4 apply boost valve kits (part numbers 168740-01K and #168740-02K, respectively) for Toyota’s UA80E, UA80F, UB80E and UB80F transmissions. The sleeves in these kits are manufactured from wear-resistant billet aluminum. Sonnax says these kits can prevent wear and restore proper hydraulic control in these Toyota/Lexus transmissions.

Alto introduces new molded piston for VW, Toyota applications

Alto has introduced a new reverse balance molded piston for Volkswagen and Toyota applications. Models covered include the following: VW TR80-SD (0C8) model years 2009-2014; and Toyota TL-80SN, AA80E, GS/LS460, IS/F, model years 2007 through 2014. The Alto part no. is 222300.

A mysterious shudder: Locating a problem with no fault codes

It was a dark stormy night… well, not really; it was just an ordinary Tuesday. On that ordinary Tuesday, a customer came into our store very distraught. He had been to several shops with concern of feeling a shudder while driving his vehicle uphill. None of the other shops or the Toyota dealership could give

RatioTek introduces new tuner kit for BMW M240, Toyota Supra

RatioTek has introduced a new entry in its Trans Tuner Kit line. The new tuner kit is for ZF8HP51 transmissions with model years 2017 and on, fitting BMW M240 and Toyota Supra models. The eight-speed rear wheel drive kit comes in two varieties: PR and PRX. According to the company, PR kits are designed for

Alto introduces two bushings for GM, Toyota

Alto recently introduced two new bushings. One, a direct drum bushing (part number 032203A, pictured above), is made for GM TH350/C applications from 1969-1986 and GM TH250/C applications 1980-1984. It is .750-in. wide without an oil groove. The second bushing, part number 044202, is made for Toyota, Aisin and BorgWarner models (pictured below). The bi-metal

Alto adds new products for Toyota/Lexus, Nissan, Mercedes, Allison, more

Alto has released a wide variety of products this spring; TD’s roundup of all the latest products from the company is below. Filter #207942 This new filter (pictured above) covers Toyota Lexus models AA81E, GS350, IS350, RC350, (Crown Athlete 2.0L) from 2013 to present. Filter #181948B This recently introduced filter covers Nissan/Jatco/Suzuki models RE0F11A (CVT)

TransTec introduces overhaul kit for Toyota, Volkswagen

TransTec has introduced a new AWF8G30 UB80E/F Overhaul Kit for Toyota and Volkswagen models. It can be ordered either with or without pistons. Toyota models covered include: Camry (2.5L) Years: 2017 and on RAV4 (2.5L) Years: 2018 and on Volkswagen models covered include: Golf (1.4L) Years: 2017-2020 Jetta (1.5L) Years: 2020 and on The kit

Toyota U660E pressure switch issues

The complaint A 2010 Toyota Venza equipped with the 3.5-liter engine and the U660E transmission has a complaint of setting trouble codes P0872 “TFP Switch C” and P0877 “TFP Switch D.” The pressure switch assembly was ordered from the dealer. As a side note, the car came from a used car dealer. The transmission appeared

Toyota/Lexus U140E suddenly loses reverse

The complaint A 2002 Lexus RX300 with 3.0-liter engine and the A140F AWD Transmission developed a sudden issue: a loss of reverse and no ability to upshift out of first gear. Fault code P0750 “Shift Solenoid SL1 Performance Malfunction” was set. Scan tool data did indicate that the transmission range sensor was operating properly, and

Toyota Supra 8HP51 Performance Clutch Pack

The Raybestos Powertrain ZF 8HP51 Transmission Friction Clutch Pack Module, (p/n RGPZ-280) features (5) GPZ775 A, (5) GPZ783 B, (6) GPZ784, (4) GPZ778, (6) GPZ784 made-in-USA GPZ friction clutch plates. GPZ friction material is an upgraded material beyond the OE design and is manufactured with a unique blend of high-energy fibers for ultimate stress and

8HP51 Transmission Friction Clutch Pack Module

For Toyota Supra high horsepower enhanced performance racing applications with an 8HP51 transmission.

Toyota/Lexus U660E/F, U760E/F Oversized C2 Apply Control Valve Kit

Toyota/Lexus U660E/F and U760E/F transmissions may exhibit 3-4 shift flares, slipping in 4-5-6, and burnt C2 clutches due to wear in the C2 apply control bore. Sonnax oversized C2 apply control valve kit (p/n 47740-63K) restores the necessary hydraulic clearances required for proper valve function while protecting against premature wear.