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Toyota Flex-Lock

To improve fuel economy over decades a variety of changes have occurred to transmissions including the torque converter. To minimize converter slippage an array of lockup features has been implemented by the OEMs with varying results. One such system is the Toyota Flex-Lock lockup. Various drivability issues can arise if the system is not working correctly. Computer, converter,

Toyota U660E

The Toyota U660E is a front-wheel-drive six-speed used in a variety of applications. One issue that surfaced early on had to do with the case and counter drive gear bearing. It is important to validate what is worn and know what repair options are available before pricing the job.

Persistent P2757 DTC

When the vehicle was scanned, a P2757 code was pulled which is a solenoid performance code for the SLU (TCC) solenoid.

Toyota/Lexus U660E/F, U760E/F Remanufactured Valve Bodies

Three new, premium-quality remanufactured valve bodies allow rebuilders to easily address a variety of common concerns.

Tips for Safe Pressure Switch Removal

When disassembling a Toyota/Lexus U660E valve body, pay close attention while removing the pressure switch from the valve body.

Toyota/Lexus Oversized Converter and Lube Relief Check Valve Kit

This new Sonnax product is made to re-establish correct clearance for converter and lube functions.

Transmission Tech: Toyota AWD Differential Bearing Noise

In this episode, Mike Riley discusses specific noise issues in certain Toyota applications.

TDTG 052620

The owner of a 2008 Toyota Camry with a 3.5L engine powering a U660E transmission brought his vehicle in to Deltrans with hard shifts. Bill Harris road tested the vehicle to verify the complaint. In doing so he not only verified the owner’s complaint, he also discovered that it did not shift past 4th gear.

An ECU Dilemma

A 2009 Toyota Corolla LE with a 1.8L engine and a U341E transmission arrives to a shop with code P2757 Torque Converter Clutch Pressure Control Solenoid Performance (SLU Solenoid) Malfunction stored. The unit was removed and overhauled with a new SLU solenoid and a replacement torque converter. When it was tested, the car seemed to be working well but the Malfunction Indicator Lamp came on after reaching highway speed.

The Importance of a Positive Seal

Toyota has been plagued by torque converter clutch (TCC) issues for many years. The shudder issues started with the on-off lock strategy and continue with the present-day advanced strategies. Any Toyota 2002 and newer front wheel drive vehicle can have this issue. There are currently two technical service bulletins (TSB) that address this issue.

Understand Systems Involved in Diagnosis

A while back we had a customer come into our shop stating, “The vehicle sometimes has a VSC (Vehicle Stability Control) error and won’t go past fourth gear, but today it seems fine.” The vehicle was a 2007 Lexus LS460 with 132,561 miles, and equipped with an AA80E 8-speed transmission and a 4.6L engine. As with routine diagnosis, I started with a road test, a scan of all modules, and an undercar inspection.

Use TSB’s in Your Diagnostic Routine

When diagnosing today’s complex vehicles, we have a wealth of information at our disposal. How we use that information is crucial in making the correct diagnosis the first time, every time. In some cases the diagnosis may be cut and dry (fluid is burnt, the pump is whining, and the vehicle will not move). In other cases, the diagnosis may not be as easy, or worse; we may “think” or “assume” we already know the problem.