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Sonnax introduces input housing forward sleeve kit for GM 4L series

Sonnax has introduced a new input housing forward sleeve kit (part no. 77733-52K), which the company says can increase input housing torque capacity and maintain OE forward piston apply area in GM 4L60, 4L60-E, 4L65-E and 4L70-E transmissions. Sonnax suggests using it combination with a Sonnax overrun sleeve to greatly increase the maximum strength of

Diagnosing Chrysler transmission max line pressure and P0933, P0869, P1745 codes

This article applies to Chrysler RFE, RLE and TES transmissions that utilize pressure control solenoids (PCS) for line pressure control. The subject is a rather common electrical fault that may occur on the PCS line pressure solenoid circuit, which results in max line pressure. Diagnosis and correction of a max line pressure condition may become

Sonnax highlights boost valve kits for Aisin Seiki transmissions

The drop-in K1 apply boost valve kit and lockup boost valve kit are available from Sonnax.

Sonnax releases Smart-Tech drum module for TH400 racing applications

At the recent PRI show in Indianapolis, Sonnax announced the release of its Smart-Tech drum module for racing GM TH400 transmissions. According to Sonnax, this drum module is designed to correct a specific flaw of the TH400: the fact that the direct drum counter rotates, spinning backwards in first gear, brakes to a complete stop

How to fix GM 8L45/8L90 no-move and no-pressure conditions

By now you may have heard of, or even experienced, a GM 8L45 or 8L90 transmission with a no-move or no-pressure condition. Conditions of no movement or no pressure after repair have plagued this unit since its inception. Here’s what you can do about them. Condition 1: No movement after fast learn or programming If

Sonnax introduces PR boost valve and o-ringed end plug kits for GM 9T series

Sonnax has introduced drop-in PR boost valve and o-ringed end plug kits for GM 9T45/50/60/65 transmissions. Pressure regulator boost valve kit #184740-02K restores line pressure performance and renews converter feed. Additionally, o-ringed end plug kit #184740-03K, which fits both ETRS and non-ETRS valve bodies, deals with leaks, restores hydraulic integrity and renews shift operations, the

Sonnax introduces Smart-Tech drum module for racing applications

Sonnax has introduced the Smart-Tech drum module (part no. 34555-01K) for the GM TH400. Designed for racing applications, this kit increases wheel HP, improves acceleration and reduces shock on shifts while ramping up durability and safety, the company says.  According to Sonnax, the module includes parts to upgrade forward and direct drums plus everything else

Sonnax highlights oversized low overrun valve kit

Sonnax highlights its oversized low overrun valve kit #77754-62K, which the company says can restore hydraulic integrity of the low/reverse clutch circuit and salvage worn valve bodies in GM 4L60-E, 4L65-E and 4L70-E transmissions if installed after reconditioning the bore. This kit requires Sonnax tool kit F-77754-TL62 for installation.

Sonnax highlights main pressure regulator valve kit

Sonnax highlights its main pressure regulator valve kit #105740-12K, which the company says can eliminate low line pressure, delayed engagement, poor shift quality, burnt clutches and various shift concerns in GM 10L80 (Gen. 1) and Ford 10R80/10R140 transmissions. Sonnax says this kit includes advanced design features like an extended outboard spool that is 270% longer

Sonnax releases Smart-Tech big input shaft kit

Sonnax has released its Smart-Tech big input shaft kit (part no. 22121B-08K), which the company says can prevent input shaft spline-twist and breakage in high-torque Chrysler 47RH, 47RE and 48RE diesel applications. This kit fits listed converters fitted with a 35-spline turbine hub. The company says that compared to the best 300M 23-spline shafts, the

Sonnax introduces Second Gear Servo Kit

Sonnax has introduced Second Gear Servo Kit (part no. 77701-02K), which is a direct replacement part for GM 4L70-E transmissions. Sonnax says this kit can improve shift feel without risk of harsh 1-2 shifts in GM 4L60-E and 4L65-E transmissions. This kit is also compatible with Sonnax Fourth Gear super hold dual servo kit 77767K.

Sonnax introduces 4L60-E, 4L65-E heavy-duty remanufactured valve bodies

Sonnax highlights its heavy-duty remanufactured valve bodies for ’96–’08 GM 4L60-E/65-E transmissions. Two part numbers are offered: GM053-HD, which the company says offers improved sprag/clutch durability in D3 first and second gears; or GM054-HD (pictured above), which adds overrun clutch control to those gears plus D4 first, second and third, the company says.