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Sonnax highlights pump gear set for Chrysler 68RFE transmissions

Sonnax highlights its heavy duty outer pump gear set for Chrysler 68RFE transmissions. The company says users can avoid wear in these transmissions’ pump gears by using this pump gear set (#72530B-04K). This set includes two high-pressure gears with an anti-wear coating. Use this set in conjunction with Sonnax center pump gear #72530-02 to replace

Sonnax Heavy Duty Outer Pump Gear Set
Chrysler 68RFE Smart-Tech Overdrive Clutch Housing Kit

Keep hardworking 68RFE trucks on the road with protection against OD clutch burnup. The original Sonnax housing upgrade (p/n 72960-16K) now features updates including custom BorgWarner clutches for maximum capacity with state-of-the-art squawk resistance, longer plate screws for extra secure fit and flange head for optimal clamping force. These improvements provide extra confidence that your builds

68RFE Stage 3 PowerPack

Alto Products Corp. recently released an update to their Stage 3 Underdrive/Overdrive PowerPack for the Chrysler/Dodge 68RFE transmission. The kit (p/n 128755E) features G3 1-Sided Friction Clutches engineered to meet the demands of the high horsepower high torque performance market. Upgrades include, (20) .057” Frictions, (2) .052” Frictions, (1) New .279” OD/UD Pressure Plate, (1) New .385”/.275”

68RFE Bonded Heavy Duty Valve Body Separator Plate

Transtar’s 68RFE Bonded Valve Body Separator Plate for 2011-2020 45RFE/68RFE transmissions is three times thicker than the OEM plate and can be used for Stock or Heavy Duty applications (p/n 72320BA). There are two versions of 45RFE/545RFE/66RFE/68RFE valve bodies. The early version uses (7) checkballs and has a white solenoid pack case connector. The late

Chrysler RFE 4C Retaining Ring and Shim Kit

The 4C return spring retaining ring in Chrysler 45/545/65/66/68RFE transmissions is known to come unseated and pop off, resulting in transmission failure. The Sonnax 4C retaining ring and shim kit (#72978-01K) solves this issue while offering more options when setting clutch clearance, and improving 4C to OD shift timing when more aggressive quicker applying OD

Friction and Steel Service Kit for 68RFE

Transtar has introduced Friction and Steel plate service kit replacement components for the Smart-Tech overdrive clutch housing kit (#S72960-11SVC). The kit covers Chrysler 68RFE transmissions from 2007 – 2020.

68RFE Overdrive Clutch Failure

What to Check First When Troubleshooting OD Issues

Chrysler Solenoid Switch Valve Plug Kit

Sonnax releases new switch valve plug kits that fit multiple Chrysler units.

68RFE Remanufactured Units

A news product available from a subsidiary of Whatever It Takes.

Hydraulics: Converter Limit Valves

This article is one of a series by Sonnax exploring how valves and hydraulic circuits work and what results when they quit functioning correctly.

Rebuilding the Chrysler 68RFE Torque Converter

Along with this new transmission came a new torque converter, manufactured by ZF Sachs. The converter may look somewhat similar to its predecessor, but, as they say, looks can be deceiving. The stator in the 68RFE converter is the same type that was used in the 47-48 RE converters, but that is where the similarities end. The turbine looks as if it is the same as the earlier models, but appearance is all they have in common.