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Transmission programming modules: When to reprogram and when to replace

Programming modules have been an essential aspect of the complete repair and service experience (Figure 1) within the automotive industry for quite some time now. Not providing this service shortchanges both the shop and the customer; yes, the repair has been performed, but the vehicle is still not working as well as it could be.

Technically Speaking June
Sponsored video: 6L80 random shift issues

In this sponsored video from Precision International, learn a few tips on what to do when the GM 6L80 develops random shift issues, which has been known to happen at high mileage and severe service. Was this content valuable? Submit Cancel Thanks for your feedback!

Sponsored video: GM 6L80 Random Shift Issues

Precision International shares its latest video on GM 6L80 transmission random shift issues; watch below. Was this content valuable? Submit Cancel Thanks for your feedback!

‘I Don’t Work on Imports’

The other day I had an interesting conversation with Bob Augustine from Vetronix Corp. in which he reminded me of the day when good old carburetors were being replaced with fuel injection. And you would hear technicians say, “I’m only a carburetor guy; I’m not going to work on any car with fuel injectors.” This made me think of how often I hear transmission technicians say they will never work on imports. The term “import” is becoming increasingly difficult to define.