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Kitting keeps us profitable: Aftermarket kit suppliers listing 2024

The kitting of transmission parts has made profitable shop operation possible. When a kit with 100 parts is necessary, a distributor has already assembled all the important components into the kit and it is typically sitting on the shelf ready to be delivered. Kitting saves time and effort for both the shop and the supplying

Raybestos introduces OE converter twin plate damper for Ford transmissions

Raybestos has introduced a new OE converter twin plate damper for Ford E4OD, 4R100 and 5R110W transmissions. According to the company, this new product (part number RT4116X) is a complete multi-plate OE assembly which works with non-seal ring style turbine hub PTO units. RT4116X should not be used with seal ring applications, Raybestos notes.

Ford adds 1,890 jobs in Ohio for EV production, engine and transmission plants

Ford Motor Co. announced new investments and jobs in its Ohio automotive plants. The company is investing $1.5 billion into Lorain County at the Ford Ohio Assembly Plant in Avon Lake to assemble an all-new commercial electric vehicle (EV). This investment will create 1,800 new hourly jobs. In addition, the expanded facility will continue producing Ford’s E-series van, medium-duty trucks and

Raybestos introduces Ford 10R80 clutch pack

Raybestos Powertrain has introduced a new Ford 10R80 high energy clutch pack module (part no. RCP96-523). This kit contains 3 A Clutch, 5 B Clutch, 5 C Clutch, 6 D Clutch, 5 E Clutch, 4 F Clutch high energy OE replacement friction clutch plates. According to Raybestos, the high energy friction material meets OE performance

Transtar highlights remote transmission oil cooling system

Transtar highlights the Hayden remote transmission oil cooling system, a remote cooler with a 10 inch fan. It comes preassembled with powder coated aluminum brackets, remote mount and 3/8 inch push-on. It covers GM, Ford, Dodge, Chrysler, Mopar and Ram transmissions.

Easy fixes to common transmission problems

Transmission makers are always throwing the repair industry curveballs. The challenges seem endless. Sometimes manufacturers will let us know of changes they are doing, while other times they let us figure it out as we go. I would like to go over a few examples we’ve encountered that may help you on a simpler installation

Alto introduces new line of filters for Ford Focus, Eco Sport

Alto has introduced a new line of filters for Ford 6F15 transmissions in Focus and Eco Sport models. Applications include: Alto #204944 (pictured above): Ford 6F15 Focus 2016-2018, Eco Sport 2018 (Outlet Height 0.990″, Inlet Height 0.248″). OEM #FD8Z-7A098C. Alto #204944A: Ford 6F15 Eco Sport 2018-2020 (Outlet Height 0.920″, Inlet Height 0.330″). OEM #GN1Z-7A098A.

Sonnax introduces pinion yokes for 9-inch Ford differentials

Sonnax has introduced new pinion yokes for the 1330 and 1350 series U-joints on the Ford 9-in. rear axle. According to the company, the cradle of these pinion yokes won’t stress the joint and cause premature failure. Part numbers include: T9-28-1330FD (above) T9-28-1350FD

The subtle differences in repairing Ford 6F35 generations 1 and 2

Many techs are aware of Generation 1 and Generation 2 differences with the Ford 6F35 transmission. There are, however, what seem to be a couple of subtle transitional changes that may be of interest to you.    Figure 1 (below) shows an early Generation 1 valve body with the shallow SSA Damper pocket using the

Transtar highlights filters for Ford 6F35

Transtar highlights its line of transmission filters for Ford 6F35 transmissions. According to the company, impurities in the transmission can lead to poor clutch application, increased wear and delayed actuation of various components; thus the importance of the filter. Car models covered are as follows:

Sonnax, Transtar highlight case saver kit for Ford 6F35 transmissions

Sonnax and Transtar highlight the case saver kit for Ford 6F35 transmissions. According to the companies, first- and second- generation 6F35 transmissions are notorious for worn axle bushings, which allow external leakage. This premature bushing wear can be caused by a worn differential support, which affects endplay negatively. The thrust bearing that rides on the

Solving Ford 6F35 transmission fluid overheating issues

With 14 years of being on the road, the Ford 6F35 transmission has a sizeable list of issues requiring repair associated with it. Generation one units are the worst offenders as they have an additional problem to contend with: Ford no longer provides new solenoids for them. This means the hunt for good used solenoids