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Diagnosing Ford 10R60, 10R80 and 10R140 series speed sensor issues

Ford 10-speed 10R series transmissions utilize four two-wire, Hall-effect sensors — TSS, ISSA, ISSB and OSS — for providing speed signals to PCM or TCM. They are supplied nine volts by a PCM or TCM and assist in the control of clutch apply/release timing that is used in determining shift quality, including TCC. Here are

Sonnax highlights main pressure regulator valve kit

Sonnax highlights its main pressure regulator valve kit #105740-12K, which the company says can eliminate low line pressure, delayed engagement, poor shift quality, burnt clutches and various shift concerns in GM 10L80 (Gen. 1) and Ford 10R80/10R140 transmissions. Sonnax says this kit includes advanced design features like an extended outboard spool that is 270% longer

Sonnax highlights solenoid stabilization clip inserts for GM, Ford 10-speed transmissions

Sonnax highlights the solenoid stabilization clip insert #105740-01K for Ford and GM 10-speed transmissions. Sonnax says users can secure LFS solenoids in GM 10L80 and 10L90 as well as Ford 10R80 and 10R140 transmissions with this product, used in conjunction with OE spring retainers. These steel clip inserts force the OE spring retainers to completely

RatioTek releases valve body kits for Ford 10-speed transmissions

RatioTek has released new valve body kits that fit Ford 10R140 10-speed transmissions, model years 2020 and later. According to the company, these increase torque capacity, and are installed from the bottom without removing the transmission. There are two varieties available: PR kits and PRX kits. PR kits are designed for the everyday rebuild, and