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TransTec introduces new Ford 8F35 overhaul kits

Freudenberg-NOK has launched new TransTec overhaul kits for the Ford 8F35 transmission. The kits can be purchased either with or without pistons. TransTec says their overhaul kits include everything you need for a complete mechanical repair, including all o-rings, metal clad seals, bushings and gaskets. Models covered include the following:

Alto adds new Ford 8F35 filter

Alto has introduced a new main internal filter for Ford 8F35 eight-speed transmissions, model years 2018 and on. The Alto part no. is 197944A.

The ins and outs of the Hydraulic Selectable One-Way Clutch

A Hydraulic Selectable One-Way Clutch (SOWC) is used in GM’s 9T50 (figure 1, above) and Ford’s 8F35 transmission (figure 2, below). Its function and design are quite clever. The center plate inside this selectable one-way clutch lugs to the Overdrive Carrier. On the top side of this center plate are spring-loaded struts. Integral to the