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Cause and Effect

A customer brought in his 1994 Toyota Camry, concerned that his brakes were hanging up as he was stopping. When I road-tested the vehicle I confirmed that there was a strange dragging feeling upon light brake application. I also noticed that when the brake pedal was applied, the “R” lamp in the PRNDL indicator illuminated even though the selector was in Drive. I also noted that the ‘tail lamp out’ warning indicator came on at the same time. The first obvious check was to take a look at the taillights themselves. I have learned over the years that you never ignore the signs right in front of you, even if you think they might be completely unrelated.

Dodge 9.25-Inch Differentials, and Why You Can’t ‘Tool’ Around

Repairing differentials is an important source of income for every shop. Many shops had shied away from what is really a simple repair but are now finding that there is not enough work to be had just repairing transmissions. Beside replacing worn or damaged gear sets, you can offer ratio changes that will increase the performance level or lower fuel consumption on many vehicles as an elective purchase for customers who have no problems with the differentials in their vehicle.