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GM 6L80 Transmission Early Failure Issues & Fixes

The application use of the 6L80 transmission has been extensive over the years. General Motors originally manufactured this transmission. It was designed for both AWD/4WD and RWD General Motors applications. The 6L80 has unique operations, such as an advanced computer controller constructed into the valve body and a direct clutch to clutch shifting. The gearbox

68RFE Overdrive Clutch Failure

What to Check First When Troubleshooting OD Issues

All Over the Map

Burnt 3-4 clutch packs are notoriously common in the GM 4L60/E family of transmissions. Tech hotlines and internet bulletin boards are often jammed-up with people pleading for help with this 3-4 roasting. Some technicians get frustrated and throw multiple Hail Mary replacement parts at the transmission when facing this issue. But it doesn’t have to be an exercise in frustration; burnt 3-4 clutches can be transformed from a dreaded problem into a routine moneymaker.

A Balancing Act

If you just read the “Technically Speaking” article in this edition of Transmission Digest you might recall that we spoke a little about how balance pistons are being used in rotational clutch drums, and their purposes. This article covers one of the problems we have seen with the C1/K1 clutch (Figure 1) as it relates to the AWF21 (Aisin TF-81SC, used in the Ford 500) and the TF60-SN (09G/K/M, used in Mini Cooper, Audi/VW) transmissions.

4L80 E Converter-Clutch Failure in 2000 & Up Vehicles

If you were involved in the transmission industry when the E4OD transmissions began coming to local shops, you probably experienced the nightmare of cracked converter clutches. The primitive code-retrieval methods on the early transmissions were usually little help in finding the root cause of the problem. The aftermarket converter rebuilders recognized the cracks in the converter clutches early on. Some made vain attempts at welding the cracked converter clutches, while most others recommended a factory replacement converter.