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Sonnax releases Smart-Tech big input shaft kit

Sonnax has released its Smart-Tech big input shaft kit (part no. 22121B-08K), which the company says can prevent input shaft spline-twist and breakage in high-torque Chrysler 47RH, 47RE and 48RE diesel applications. This kit fits listed converters fitted with a 35-spline turbine hub. The company says that compared to the best 300M 23-spline shafts, the

Re-flash – Read All About It

I find any articles or training related to the topic of re-flashing or reprogramming computers to be of great interest and a great help to me and to all transmission technicians because it has become a very prominent repair procedure. In fact, looking through the past 10 years of OE bulletins, I find that the ratio of actual repairs versus computer reprogramming has changed dramatically, totally favoring computer reprogramming.


There are many ways one could be “zapped” by electricity, and one way that it happened to Jesse Zacarias from Elec-Trans Diagnostics in Gilroy, Calif., goes like this. A 2003 Dodge Ram truck equipped with a 5.9-liter Cummins diesel and a 48RE transmission came into his shop with a complaint of taking off in 3rd gear. The park and neutral gear-select indicator lights were the only ones that would illuminate. With any scan tool, Jesse could retrieve a code P0700 (transmission fault present) from the engine-control module but could not communicate with the powertrain-control module for the transmission.