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Mercedes 722.6: No Upshift Condition

The frustrated owner of a 1996 Mercedes S500 called to complain that his vehicle had been acting up for some time and he was at his wits end. Apparently, he and others had taken a swipe at repairing the problem with little success so the vehicle was towed into the shop to get a look with a fresh pair of eyes, so to speak.

Foresighted, Loyal to Industry & Family

Pete Attashian strives to elevate his transmission shop to “new-generation” status, expanding his reach, cultivating the best employees, making the most of current marketing and research techniques.

Raybestos: Extending the Brand

A few years ago Transmission Digest reported on the acquisition of Raybestos Powertrain and sister company, Allomatic Products, by the Monomoy Capital Partners Group. Since that time a management team has been assembled and a company with long history in both OE and aftermarket segments of the powertrain industry has continued to develop and bring to market friction clutch plates and related product lines.

The Millennial Scapegoat

In his very first article, the Creative Composer is sharing a millennial insight – for millennials and non–millenials alike.

Controls Make Shifts Happen in Milliseconds

If you have been following the previous chapters of this series of articles, you are starting to understand the function of dual-clutch transmissions. We have used illustrations from the VW Direct Shift Gear Box (DSG) as VW has about 2 million of these units on the road at present.

Surprise! Get the Right Tool for This Job

With the challenges we face with today’s cars, unexpected surprises are not usually welcomed to the party. It’s a Friday night and you’re staying late to rebuild a 4L60-E from a 2010 4.8L Silverado that must go Saturday morning. So you go to have a bite to eat first. When you return, the shop is nice and quiet. You are alone and thinking to yourself, I could bang this out in a few hours and still be home in enough time to watch a show.

Recruiting: Attracting the Best Candidates

Recruiting new employees has a whole lot in common with finding new customers, which is something we, as owners and managers, do every day. We are continually selling people on why they should use our services. We advertise, ask for referrals, market by getting involved in the community and generally try to show that we are a good, honest and trustworthy business, that it’s safe for people to use when they need help.

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Ford Bronco clutch replacement procedure
GM 6T40 Friction Plate Design Changes
No Reverse or 4th Leads to Double Jeopardy

The Year of the 10-speed

When I first became aware of the fact that automatic transmissions had their own special fluid and it was red, I felt I had achieved the necessary level of technical knowledge to work the parts counter at the local automotive parts store. Forty-five years ago it was all that you needed to know. Fast forward to today and it’s gotten so complicated it is truly difficult to keep up, even when that’s what you do for a living. My latest example of OEM-driven confusion is the new crop of 10-speed automatic transmissions that have showed up this year.

Critical Wear Areas & Vacuum Test Locations

Critical Wear Areas & Vacuum Test Locations