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Sometimes It’s Not So Bad When It’s Bad

The input-shaft and output-shaft speed sensors used in the AF23/33-5 (AW55-50SN) are two-wire Hall-effect sensors, which means they are supplied with a voltage source on one wire and send a signal back to the computer on the remaining wire.

The 4L30-E Connector Connection

Because of the 4L30-E’s longevity (16 years now) and its use by a variety of vehicle manufacturers such as Isuzu, Honda, BMW and Cadillac, numerous changes have taken place in this transmission throughout those years.

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GM 4T65-E: P0742: TCC System Stuck On

TAAT Reverse Issues

A Saturn with the TAAT comes into your shop with a delay, slip/bang or no reverse at all. What is the first thing you do? Get a valve body. It’s always the valve body. The only thing that goes wrong with a TAAT unit is the valve body. We can do this in an hour or so.

Replace Those Honda Stator Bearings with Something More Readily Available

Many late-model Honda converters have unique stator bearings. The caged-roller part of the bearing is like the bearing used in the JATCO RE4R01A converters. This part of the bearing is not unique. The outboard races of the stator bearings also are not unique. The impeller-side bearing runs against the flanged impeller hub, and the turbine-side bearing runs against the turbine hub. It is the bearing races on each side of the stator that are unique (see Figure 1).

Theory, Facts and How What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

To start this off with a bang, transmission repair is now an outdated term. Sure, you work on transmissions, but in reality you are working on a motor vehicle. This vehicle has an engine, a transmission, a driveline, a suspension, brake system, cooling system etc.

Working All the Angles

I’ll call him John. I don’t want to use his real name for fear of embarrassing him, but I need to tell a story about a truly great shop manager. Although I’ve met many good ones over the years there are a significantly smaller number whom I would consider great. I had one myself for about 12 years, so I know firsthand what they look like. I can also tell you that some who claim to be good managers – or their bosses claim it for them – are nothing more than service writers with a better title.