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More Centerline Issues

Maintaining the proper centerline during the torque-converter rebuild process is very important. How well the centerline was maintained during the process can be measured by how much balance weight needs to be added at the end of the process.

Serviceability Report: Toyota Tacoma – How Are They to Repair?

We aren’t going to compare a 1972 to a 2008, but we will look at the 2008 vs. the 2002 model. The most popular is the V-6 with 4WD, but with gas prices not going below $4 a gallon, the four-cylinder is looking pretty good these days, and in regard to AWD – do I really need that?

Another Case of Mistaken Identity

When he removed the valve body and started to compare it with his original valve body, he noticed that the manual valves were different lengths. Since the valve bodies looked identical in every other way, he decided to use his original manual valve in the replacement valve body. When he installed the valve body it worked flawlessly.

‘Where Is all that Noise Coming From?’

This recent experience was brought to my mind as I spoke with a customer who told me of an issue he was having with a Ford Freestyle that seemed to be emitting an unrelenting noise similar to what I’d expect from our five boys and one girl (the “one girl,” by the way, is an “angel” and is never loud – HA!). The noise was unrelenting, not because it was loud but because it just wouldn’t stop.

December 2008 Issue

In This Issue
Dodge 48RE: Valve-Body Hydraulic Differences

A Different Differential: the BorgWarner 44-82 Transfer Case

Beginning in the 2003 model year, General Motors introduced a new transfer case into its full-size-truck line. The Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon and Yukon XL all feature the BW 44-82 transfer case (figures 1, 2 and 3), which is a full-time unit.

Toyota U140/U240 Series Diagnostic Information

This transmission has some unique problems that can cause you to scratch your head. Add the lack of information available from the manufacturer and your frustration level can skyrocket. Here are some common problems and suggestions on how to resolve them.

Narrowing Your Marketing and Sales Focus

Although you may want to keep doing every bit of promotion, you really need to question the generation of profit vs. the cost. If you are investing in forms of advertising just because you always did, you need to know whether they are still viable. Every ad you run needs to bring a good return on investment. If the results of any initiative can’t be measured, should you continue it?

November 2008 Issue

Issue Summary:

In the 2004 model year, Chrysler redesigned the solenoid pack in the 45RFE to reduce operational noise by using internal solenoids.

Chrysler vehicles equipped with the 45RFE or 545RFE may exhibit a binding condition on the 3-4 or 4-5 upshift that may be accompanied by a pressure-switch code.

Making a Go of It in the Toughest of Times

What about these tough times? Are they tough for everyone? Apparently not; it depends on what business you happen to be in and what you make of the current economic conditions.

Centerline Issues: TCC Frictions Bonded Off Center

For several decades the importance of the torque-converter centerline has been hammered home by Don Randolph of DACCO Inc. Don’s sentiments on this subject have been echoed by the torque-converter original-equipment manufacturers (OEMs). In fact, every OEM torque-converter print starts with a true axial centerline, which serves as the reference point for all axial measurements.

Solenoid Control in the TF60-SN (09G/09K/09M)

Starting with a few four-speed automatic transmissions, increasing with the five-speeds and more so with units having six or more speeds, it is interesting to see the use of counterbalance pistons in clutch drums that drive the planetary system. Since drive-style clutches are rotational, there is a tendency for centrifugal force to creep the clutch on when it is not in use, which could cause premature damage to the frictions.