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Dynamics of transmission fluid hydraulics and shifting

To understand why using the correct transmission fluid is necessary, you first have to know how the transmission fluid flows inside an automatic transmission.  Fluid paths The journey starts in the pan. The transmission fluid is drawn from the pan through a filter by the pump that is behind the torque converter. The fluid level

Sonnax highlights oversized low overrun valve kit

Sonnax highlights its oversized low overrun valve kit #77754-62K, which the company says can restore hydraulic integrity of the low/reverse clutch circuit and salvage worn valve bodies in GM 4L60-E, 4L65-E and 4L70-E transmissions if installed after reconditioning the bore. This kit requires Sonnax tool kit F-77754-TL62 for installation.

Sonnax highlights main pressure regulator valve kit

Sonnax highlights its main pressure regulator valve kit #105740-12K, which the company says can eliminate low line pressure, delayed engagement, poor shift quality, burnt clutches and various shift concerns in GM 10L80 (Gen. 1) and Ford 10R80/10R140 transmissions. Sonnax says this kit includes advanced design features like an extended outboard spool that is 270% longer

Honda Ridgeline bind up in reverse, forward in neutral

The complaint A 2006 Honda Ridgeline equipped with the BJFA Transmission has a complaint of a bind up in reverse and moves forward in neutral after overhaul. The truck would roll freely with the engine off and the transmission in neutral. Since this complaint occurred after overhaul, the technician thought that a clutch was mechanically