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T-56 Bellhousings for Honda Applications

 These Quick Time bellhousings mate a GM style T-56 Magnum or T-56 Viper Transmission to the popular S2000 (p/n RM-4011) Honda engine and (p/n RM-4012) K20/K24 L4 engine. Built from high-quality grade steel, the cone is spun not stamped or rolled making this bellhousing dimensionally stable and accurate. It is S.F.I. 6.1 certified, which is

High Horsepower GEN III HEMI 6-Speed Transmission Package

The Stage 2 upgrade takes high horsepower Tremec Magnum 6-speeds to a new level.


One of the things often neglected is lubrication of the transmission, transfer case and differential. As with the automatic transmissions there are now dozens of specified lubricants that a professional shop must have available. What used to work no longer does, and putting the wrong lube into a late-model unit will result in spoiling a good rebuild. You must use the correct fluid for the unit you are working on. It sounds logical, but if you understand why, it will go a long way toward preventing shift complaints and outright failure under warranty due to incorrect lube fill.

Ratio Relations

What is little understood by the public is how much work goes into developing a new race car. The platform of the stock GTO is modified to the maximum the rules allow. The car will compete at 2,800 pounds and has 260 linear feet of roll cage in it. A fuel cell, a modified LS6 engine equipped with Crane cams and producing 420 horsepower at the rear wheels, adjustable gas shocks, racing brakes, an Exedy racing clutch and a Tremec T56 six-speed transmission all work to make this car capable of 160-180 mph.

The Tremec T56 Six-Speed: Revolution and Evolution

Tremec, also known as Transmission Technology Corp., is a major producer of manual-transmission and drivetrain components. Tremec operates a world-class plant that is producing transmission products for many of the world’s major auto and truck manufacturers.

Solving a Tough Problem With the Tremec T45 Transmission

The T45 five-speed transmission was introduced in the Ford Mustang in the 1996 model year and continued in production through the 2001 models. Tremec Transmissions Corp. in Mexico manufactures this transmission for Ford.

Getting a Handle on Half a Dozen Speeds

In the 1993 model year GM introduced the T56 six-speed transmission in the F body cars (Camaro/Firebird). The transmission was designed and manufactured by BorgWarner Automotive and was an evolution of the earlier T5 design. Larger and capable of handling more torque and horsepower, this trans became an instant hit with performance enthusiasts, race teams and hot rodders.