Tremec T5 Archives - Transmission Digest
Manual-Transmission Theory: Back to Basics

On automatic transmissions, engine-related computer problems can affect transmission operation. Computer-controlled vehicles have very complex electronic circuits and multiple computers, all of which need to work together. That being the case, we will start with the basics of rear-wheel-drive manual-transmission function and proceed to more-complex diagnostic issues with transfer cases and front-wheel-drive manual transmissions in the next series of articles. Transmission designs may vary in size, shape and appearance, but all the units function in the same manner.

Solving a Tough Problem With the Tremec T45 Transmission

The T45 five-speed transmission was introduced in the Ford Mustang in the 1996 model year and continued in production through the 2001 models. Tremec Transmissions Corp. in Mexico manufactures this transmission for Ford.

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