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Video: PCM Replacement

When a repair facility retains a job, it is with the hope that the necessary product is readily available. The question arises that when traditional sources and even the OEM is unable to provide a specific item what other options is there to complete the work.


The RE5R05A was launched in 2002 and fits a variety of Infinity and Nissan vehicles.

Mercedes 722.9 VB/TCU

The TRP (theft relevant parts) process must be followed when dealing with Mercedes.

Video – Profile of Mike Riley, Transmission Guru

Transmission Digest Editor Brendan Baker sits down with Mike Riley (Transmission Guru) to discuss his career in the transmission repair industry.

Toyota Flex-Lock

To improve fuel economy over decades a variety of changes have occurred to transmissions including the torque converter. To minimize converter slippage an array of lockup features has been implemented by the OEMs with varying results. One such system is the Toyota Flex-Lock lockup. Various drivability issues can arise if the system is not working correctly. Computer, converter,

Vehicle Diagnostic Approaches

Proper diagnosis of a vehicle problem today is important, to avoid wasted time and expense as well as alienating customers. There are various diagnostic approaches based on vehicle type and access to relevant information is imperative. A capable scanner is also a must to address many of the issues.

What You Need to Know About Honda 6-Speeds

Honda transmissions have evolved over decades from a relatively simple 2-speed to a much more complex 6-speed. Although the component count increased, basic architecture remained somewhat the same with one exception, electronics. The 6-speed today contains a variety of electrical components and not all are available separately.

CVT Operation – Part II

Just like step type transmissions, CVT’s, come in various models some more difficult to diagnose and repair than others. Time and effort however need to be spent becoming familiar with the transmission types. The more that are tackled, the easier they should become to service.

Transmission Repair Shop History and Current Trends

Initially, automotive repair facilities provided one-stop shopping, however, as time marched on and circumstances changed transmission repair specialists started to emerge and became the norm. Circumstances today dictate that a shop be able to address all aspects of the vehicle, just like it used to be.

Toyota U660E

The Toyota U660E is a front-wheel-drive six-speed used in a variety of applications. One issue that surfaced early on had to do with the case and counter drive gear bearing. It is important to validate what is worn and know what repair options are available before pricing the job.

CVT Operation – Part I

Transmission technicians have always needed to adapt to changing transmission architectures. This not only applies to step type transmissions but to the CVT (continuously variable transmission). The current volume of CVT models on the road today dictate that a shop must not refuse to do the work. Technical information and product availability continue to improve

Video: 62TE Low Drum Wear

The 62TE is a six-speed version of the 41TE four-speed automatic. The additional gears are provided through the addition of a reduction unit referred to as the underdrive compounder assembly. Caution must be used when working with the assembly and all upgrades should be performed at the time of service. Mike walks through its disassembly