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Cleaners – Pt.2

Dave says that greases are normally your friend in the shop, except when they get into or onto places you don’t want them. Then it’s a matter of how to get the grease off. In this video, Dave will show you the various products he recommends for situations in your shop where you really need

Hybrid Batteries

Some hybrid models are getting to the end of their battery life.

Cleaners – Part I

Dave talks about the two types of cars that shops face today. One car is well maintained and clean and the other is just the opposite. Transtar offers products that protect the customer from techs potentially leaving grease or dirt in the vehicle. Other products protect you against the dirty car that may need some

Chrysler RFE Clips

Dave Hritsko explains the issues with Chrysler Low-Reverse Drum clips. Chrysler RF series transmissions use these clips to hold the drum in place. In the past, you had to buy one of several kits from Chrysler to obtain the just the clip. Now, Transtar is making the clips available under P/N D72987. You can buy

Transtar Introduces RAP2

The next generation of RAP® is here, and it’s more capable than ever! In 2016, we revolutionized the automotive aftermarket industry with the introduction of our Remote Assisted Program (RAP®). Our RAP team has remotely assisted transmission repair, automotive repair & collision technicians, successfully programming thousands of Asian and domestic vehicles! RAP®2 expands your technician’s

Tire Stagger Gauge

Specialty Tool; Tire Stagger Gauge, Used To Measure Tire Diameter

OE Fluids

Dave Hritsko, Transtar’s technical product specialist, says that fluids just don’t get enough attention. The company has added more OE-type fluids due to the proliferation of brand/model-specific formulations. For more information, visit to browse and order fluid – plus transmission and driveline parts, tools, and more!

Transend Product Lookup Tool

Patrick Flannery, Transtar Industries Digital Expert talks about Transend, the industry’s best parts lookup and ordering platform. Every customer who rolls into your shop wants the same thing: A fast fix at a fair price. Transend was designed by industry experts to give your business exactly that, so in turn, you can give every customer

Differential Look-Up

Today, we’re showing you how finding and ordering the right differential parts is faster and easier than ever. Transtar offers more than 1,200 driveline parts and products covering more than 150 different differential series. Whatever’s in your shop, chances are, we can help you fix it. We’re talking about slip yokes, u-joints, driveshafts – everything.

Transtar Industries’ Rap2 Kit

Kevin Piekarski and Patrick Flannery take a look at how the Rap2 Kit can save shops time and money while expanding the services they can offer their customers.

Transtar Industries’ Transend

Dave Hritsko and Patrick Flannery describe the use and contents of Transtar Industries’ Transend digital catalog and ordering system.

Video: Valve Body Inspection

Valve body inspection today requires much greater attention than yesterday.