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Alto introduces 6L45E core

Alto has introduced a new TEHCM core for GM/BMW 6L45E models. The Alto part number is 201550ND, and the OEM printed-on part number is 24241382.

RatioTek introduces new tuner kit for BMW M240, Toyota Supra

RatioTek has introduced a new entry in its Trans Tuner Kit line. The new tuner kit is for ZF8HP51 transmissions with model years 2017 and on, fitting BMW M240 and Toyota Supra models. The eight-speed rear wheel drive kit comes in two varieties: PR and PRX. According to the company, PR kits are designed for

BMW dual-clutch transmission diagnostics

The phrase “dual-clutch transmission,” or DCT, can strike terror in the heart of some technicians. You will probably never deal with the internals of a DCT transmission like the gears, synchronizers and shafts. You will instead have to repair the external components that control the clutches and cool the fluid. But, understanding how the gears

RatioTek introduces new transmission tuner kits for Ford, BMW, ZF

RatioTek has introduced two new transmission tuner kits: one for Ford and BMW applications, the other for ZF transmissions. The RT‐6R80‐PR and RT‐6R80‐PRX products are suited for Ford 6R60/75/80/90/100 and BMW ZF6HP26 ‐ ZF6HP28 six-speed rear-wheel drive applications from 2005 through 2022. The RT‐8HP75‐PR and RT‐8HP75‐PRX tuner kits, meanwhile, are suited for ZF8HP45/70/90/95 eight-speed rear-wheel

ZF Aftermarket launches mechatronic transmission kits

ZF has introduced its mechatronic service kit which bundles all the components needed for servicing mechatronics on ZF transmissions, which the company describes as a critical step in restoring the transmission to OE standards. The kit’s 19 SKUs cover a range of Audi, Land Rover, BMW and other manufacturers’ car and SUV models. In addition

Alto introduces new cores

Alto has introduced new OEM TEHCM cores covering several different applications. GM, BMW 6L45E models are covered by Alto #201550NDOEM (OEM #24241382), while GM 6L80E and 6L90E models are covered by Alto #195575AUC (OEM part #24270598, pictured above).

TransTec introduces electronic power steering rack and pinion seal kit for BMW 1 Series

TransTec has released a new Electronic Power Steering (EPS) Rack and Pinion Seal Kit for the BMW 1 Series. Models covered are: Engine type/size: 1.5/1.6/2.0/3.0 Liter Turbo Years: 2011-2019 According to the company, the TransTec electronic rack and pinion seal kit includes everything technicians need for a complete mechanical repair, including all o-rings, metal clad

BMW Front Differential Repair Kit

LBM Autoparts has introduced a repair kit for the BMW front differential used in 2004-later X-drive models. These BMW X-Drive models have a common problem with noise issues, and the complete unit is costly. Therefore LMB decided to develop a repair kit with all the parts needed to rebuild the differential properly. The kit is

CTA Transmission Oil Drain Kit Removes Fluid with Air Pressure

Kit flushes out impurities in the oil that could cause extra wear and tear on the transmission.

Identifying the 5L40-E and 5L50-E Transmissions and Valve Bodies

The 5L40-E and 5L50-E transmissions and valve bodies look the same at a glance. On the Cadillac, Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky, you can look on the service-parts identification label to identify the transmission by the RPO (Regular Production Options) number.

All Plugged Up

In this particular situation, Dave had been working on a 2001 BMW 740i with a 5HP24 transmission. The vehicle originally came in with a complaint of leaking from the front. The unit was very low on fluid, was slipping and the fluid was burnt. The shop recommended that the transmission be overhauled because of the conditions mentioned and the mileage on the unit. Everything went normally with the rebuild, and the customer left with a properly working unit.

Serviceability Report: BMW

You, the technician, need a voice of reason. This article completes eight years of reporting on the basic construction of different carmakers, but we have never looked at BMW.

BMW is one of three car companies that make motorcycles; Honda and Suzuki also make motorcycles. Each company has a history of racing. At the track, making the car or motorcycle hard to fix is the wrong way to go. All three of these brands are well respected in reports on their two-wheeled machines, but how do American technicians view the four-wheeled BMWs?