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Dodge 48RE Hydraulic Features Revealed

Dodge 48RE Hydraulic Features Revealed

TASC Force Tips

Author: Jim Dial
Units: 48RE vs. 46/47RE valve bodies
Issue: Differences in pressure curve & TCC clamping

It Ain’t All About You

I hate managers who brag on themselves to the customer. Makes me want to puke. They are absolutely missing the point. They should be bragging on the owner of the shop and the technicians who work there. That is what the customer wants to hear.

If You Built Your Team with a Fantasy Football Strategy

There are many ways for a manager to pick a “dream team” for the upcoming season, from high-risk to top-dollar and everywhere in the middle. Some of the methods are great, while others leave you with less than you started with.

CD4E Failure Reveals Upgrade (Some Things Never Change – Some Do)

The CD4E was launched in 1994 by Ford and Mazda in the Probe and 626, followed by the Contour/Mystique in 1995. Later on, there were other vehicles that came equipped with the CD4E, more important the 2001-up Ford Escape.

If You Don’t Tell Lies, You Can’t Get Caught in One

Upon arrival I noticed that all three service advisers were on the telephone. There were no other customers waiting at the counter. I could overhear their phone conversations and it didn’t sound to me like any of them were talking with customers about their vehicles, yet not one of them bothered to greet me or cut their conversations short. Standing there that way for what seemed like an eternity made me feel very out of place, but I wrote it off. After all, I’m new to the area. Maybe that’s the way they do things here.

Something ‘crazy’ causes systems to quit

“The speedometer drops off,” my friend Lee told me when he brought in a Jeep Grand Cherokee he wanted fixed. “Then the gauges quit and all the warning lights come on. This thing has been acting crazy on and off for a couple of years. Nobody can figure it out.”

October 2015 Issue

In This Issue
Volvo 5 speed takeoff glitch
Dodge Caravan Exchange Surprise
6T40 Rotating Clutch Drum Upgrades

Back to School: Do the Math

It is now back to school season and that brings to mind the difference in education standards in our society. When I went to school all of my teachers (New York City Public Schools) knew their subjects inside out. If you didn’t do it right, you did it over, and that could include being left back to do a whole year over. We learned math, English, geography, history, civics and social studies, plus very active physical training. We had very little obesity, everyone could write in script and print, and everyone read to the best of their ability.