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Customer Loyalty – You Can Expect It Only When You Earn It

Many in the transmission and auto-care business claim that customers aren’t loyal anymore. I guess my first question then is, “Were they ever?” On their own, without the necessary effort on the part of shop owners and managers, were those customers ever really loyal?

Tiburon Spells Trouble

I got a call from a technician about a month ago concerning a problem with a 1997 Hyundai Tiburon with the A4BF1 transmission. The technician explained that the MIL (malfunction indicator lamp) was on and codes P0743 and P0747 were stored.

Small Tips for Big Rebuilding Headaches

Small things are often the cause of problems that can create grief in our everyday operations. Those seemingly inconsequential items can and on occasion do bring production to a halt. What seemed like nothing of great importance now becomes the stopper.

Breaking the Code on Encoders

Transfer cases have become quite sophisticated, and many designs have extensive diagnostic routines. From what we see on tech-line calls and in helping customers resolve field problems, there is a great lack of information and understanding at the shop level. This article is devoted to understanding the electronic shift functions of the New Venture Gear transfer cases.

Upgrading the Cummins Roller Clutch

When the Cummins diesel was offered in 1989 Dodge pickups, it could be purchased with either a manual transmission or a non-lockup 727 automatic transmission. The converter for the non-lockup 727 transmission was very similar to the 400 or AT540 converters and had many internal likenesses. The converter’s historic durability made it a good choice for this demanding application, but this converter also has some historic shortcomings.

A Keen Perception of the Obvious

A no-move 1992 Mazda MPV van was towed into a shop, where it was determined that the planets inside the R4A-EL transmission were toasted. One look at the vehicle and you can see why (see Figure 1). This van recently had been involved in a front-end collision that collapsed the oil-cooler line, causing a lack of cooler flow, and there ya go – wasted planets.

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