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Ford 10R60 GPZ Clutch Pack

Raybestos Powertrain has announced a complete clutch pack module for 2020-Up Ford 10R60 transmissions. The GPZ complete clutch module (p/n RGPZ-279) features (4) – A Clutch GPZ769, (4) – B Clutch GPZ770, (5) – C Clutch GPZ771, (6) – D Clutch GPZ772, (5) – E Clutch GPZ773, and (3) – F Clutch GPZ774 GPZ friction

Gasket Removal Solution

TransTec’s Gasket Wizard allows shops to remove gasket paper quickly and thoroughly from separator plates in as quickly as 15-20 minutes. Instead of spending hours scraping the gasket paper off only to scratch and gouge the plate, simply soak the separator plate in the Gasket Wizard solution and watch the paper peel right off!

Torque Converter Shims

Tri Component recently launched a new addition to its extensive line of torque converter shims. Part number FW-2-17, as used in early 5R110W converters, solves the “cupping” problem associated with standard-sized shims. This shim prevents bearing failures caused by too large O.D. of the shim. For optimum results, use with Tri Component’s fully enclosed bearing

8HP45 Transmission Friction Clutch Pack

The Raybestos Powertrain ZF 8HP45 Transmission Friction Clutch Pack Module (p/n RGPZ-278) features (5) GPZ775 A, (5) GPZ776 B, (6) GPZ777 C, (4) GPZ778 D, (6) GPZ777 E made-in-USA GPZ friction clutch plates. The GPZ friction material is an upgraded material beyond the OE design and is manufactured with a unique blend of high-energy fibers

New 2-In-1 Combination Transmission Cooler Line Flush

International Lubricants, Inc. (ILI) makers of LUBEGARD automotive branded lubricants, announced the introduction of its Kooler Kleen Transmission Cooler Line Flush with NEW 2-in-1 fitting (PN 19001-UNV). This 2-in-1 design combines the company’s original 5/16-inch and cone tips in one fitting. The cone tip is easily unscrewed to access the 5/16” fitting underneath. The 2-in-1

Torque Converter Welder

This torque converter welding machine from Hydra-Test is designed and adjusted in accordance with all the nuances, which may occur during the welding halves of a torque converter serving as a key in solving TC Problems. Various modes are offered to suit volumes and preferences; the unit can be used with one or two welding

10R140 Diesel Performance Friction Clutch Pack

The RGPZ-276 from Raybestos Powertrain fits 2020-Up Ford 10R140 transmissions with 6.7L Diesel engines. The complete unit GPZ Clutch Pack module includes (4) GPZ780 A Brake, (5) GPZ755 B Brake, (6) GPZ756 C Clutch, (6) GPZ781 D Clutch, (4) GPZ782 E Clutch, (4) GPZ759 F Clutch GPZ friction clutch plates. GPZ friction material is an

10-Speed Performance Clutch Packs

Alto Products Corp has introduced two new High-Performance PowerPacks for Ford 10R80 and GM 10L80/90 transmissions. The kit includes Alto (p/n 231755) “C” Clutch(top), and Alto (p/n 231756) “E” Clutch(bottom). Each of these clutch packs features G3 Frictions & Performance Steels. These high-capacity kits are designed to incorporate more clutches in the stack-up.

All-Systems Diagnostic Scan Tool

Bluetooth enabled device can automatically identify the make, model and year for over 15,0000 vehicles

6L80 / 6L90 Pump Stator to Pump Gasket Upgrade

TransTec recently announced that it has replaced the paper pump stator to pump gasket for 2006-Up 6L80/6L90 applications with a new rubber-coated metal gasket. This new design will eliminate any chance of blowout or leakage along with minimizing pump stator to pump runout issues. The company says the updated kits are in stock and available

Aisin Seiki AS66RC, AS69RC Oversized SLT Piston Kit

Significant bore wear at the SLT accumulator bore is common in Aisin Seiki AS66RC and AS69RC transmissions, resulting in unstable line pressure, low pressure, and multiple shift issues. Reaming the bore and installing Sonnax oversized SLT accumulator piston kit (p/n 122740-17K) will restore proper clearances and hydraulic function.

8HP51 Transmission Friction Clutch Pack Module

For Toyota Supra high horsepower enhanced performance racing applications with an 8HP51 transmission.