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Alto introduces new front pump cover for Chrysler RFE models

Alto has introduced a front pump cover for inner and outer o-rings for various Chrysler RFE models. The models covered include:

American Powertrain offers Tremec TR-4050 kit for Chevy/GMC trucks

American Powertrain now offers a Tremec 4×2 TR-4050 five-speed Pro-Fit HD manual transmission kit designed for 1988-98 Chevy/GMC OBS light- and medium-duty trucks. The Chevy/GMC OBS 4×2 kit includes a short throw White Lightning Shifter designed for the TR-4050, a crossmember adapter bracket that works with the original factory crossmember, bell housing, hydraulic bearing, pilot

GFX announces low-pressure drop oil cooler

GFX has introduced a new low-pressure drop oil cooler for all transmission makes, including heavy-duty application models. According to the company, the product is designed to replace all years. 

TransTec introduces stator sleeve tool kit

TransTec has introduced a new Stator Sleeve Tool Kit, which allows users to remove and replace worn-out GM stator sleeves, allowing them to rebuild the stator support instead of purchasing an aftermarket replacement.   Each kit includes a removal tool and an instruction sheet. Each kit also comes with TransTec’s new replacement sleeves, one of

GFX introduces filter for Honda CVTs

GFX has introduced a new filter for Honda transmissions, including the KA CVT and KL CVT models. According to the company, the product is designed to replace OEM part no. 25420-5T0-003, years 2014 and up on these transmissions. 

Raybestos introduces new steel pressure plate for 4R100 transmissions

Raybestos has introduced a new steel pressure plate for Ford 4R100/E4OD/C6 applications, model years 1989 and on. According to the company, this .125-in. steel pressure plate is meant to replace the .337-in. OE pressure plate. The company says that the full steel plate (part no. 511041), which has 26 teeth, resists breakage and eliminates the

Sonnax introduces low/reverse sprag rebuild kit for Chrysler 68RFE

Sonnax highlights its low/reverse sprag rebuild kit for Chrysler 68RFE transmissions. The company says this kit (part no. 72642SK) allows replacement of the end caps, low/reverse sprag elements and retainer plates without needing to buy a full sprag assembly.

GFX announces 47-teeth differential gear for Toyota transmissions

GFX has introduced a new 47-teeth differential gear for Toyota transmissions, including the U660E. According to the company, the product is designed to replace years 2007 and on.

Alto releases Ford 5R55W/S wire harness repair kit

Alto has introduced a new aftermarket wire hardness repair kit with wire connectors for Ford 5R55W/S transmissions, model years 2002 to 2010. The Alto part no. is 137505NA.

GFX announces new pump for Ford 6F35E

GFX has announced a new pump for the Ford 6F35E transmissions. The pump is for generation 2 models and has a snap ring on seal. According to the company, this pump is designed to replace OEM part no. RF9L8P-7A105CB for years 2013 and on.

Georend highlights billet aluminum stator for torque converters

Georend highlights its billet aluminum stator for torque converters. Georend says that torque converters with its billet aluminum stator also are built with lugged outer races that will not strip out. A damaged stator race will also greatly reduce vehicle drivability. But the company says that in their product, both the inner and outer races

Dana announces new line of electric transmissions for trucks and vans

Dana Inc. announced a new line of electric transmissions from its Spicer Electrified line, for a wide variety of electric trucks and vans. Dana says the new line of Zero-6 transmissions will launch in early 2024. Accommodating a gross vehicle weight rating up to 59,500 lbs., the Zero-6 e-transmission series will be available in two