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Alto introduces new molded piston for VW, Toyota applications

Alto has introduced a new reverse balance molded piston for Volkswagen and Toyota applications. Models covered include the following: VW TR80-SD (0C8) model years 2009-2014; and Toyota TL-80SN, AA80E, GS/LS460, IS/F, model years 2007 through 2014. The Alto part no. is 222300.

Alto adds new electrical products

Alto has introduced two new electrical products. The first (pictured above) is a valve body wiring harness for GM 8L90E eight-speed transmissions (rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive). The harness (part no. 224507) covers model years 2015-2018. The second product (pictured above) is a circuit board for BorgWarner, Audi and Volkswagen 02E (DQ250) DSG transmissions, covering

How to service Volkswagen, Audi dual clutch transmissions

You may have heard the term “DSG” or “DCT” being used when referring to Volkswagen/Audi transmissions. DSG, which stands for “direct shift gearbox,” is the marketing term used by VW/Audi for their dual-clutch transmission (DCT). In simple terms, this type of transmission is composed of two separate manual transmissions inside a single case, each one

Watch: Oil change and maintenance for DQ250 transmission

Your customers may not realize what maintenance the six-speed DSG DQ250 transmission in their Volkswagen or Audi vehicle requires. Besides the transmission maintenance recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, including oil and filter changes every five years or after 35,000 miles, there are also some weak points that frequently force vehicles with this transmission into the

TransTec introduces overhaul kit for Toyota, Volkswagen

TransTec has introduced a new AWF8G30 UB80E/F Overhaul Kit for Toyota and Volkswagen models. It can be ordered either with or without pistons. Toyota models covered include: Camry (2.5L) Years: 2017 and on RAV4 (2.5L) Years: 2018 and on Volkswagen models covered include: Golf (1.4L) Years: 2017-2020 Jetta (1.5L) Years: 2020 and on The kit

TransTec introduces axle seal kits for Volkswagen units

TransTec has introduced a new axle seal kit for a wide variety of vehicles and transmissions made by the Volkswagen Group (VAG). The kit includes input shaft seals, end cap, axle seals and axle flange o-rings for a variety of DQ200/0AM units. Vehicle coverage is as follows:

Can of Worms (Buchse der Pandora)

A 1998 Volkswagen Jetta with a 2.0-liter engine and 01M transmission came in with a complaint of not shifting into fourth gear. The owner had just bought the car, which had the problem when he bought it, and he said it would shift normally up to third gear.

Needless to say, the history of repairs is minimal at best. What we do know is that the owner took the vehicle to a nearby transmission shop, which pulled trouble codes. DTCs for shift solenoids 6 & 4 (N93 & N91, respectively) were present, so they replaced solenoids 6 & 4 and the internal harness. The trouble codes returned immediately. That shop didn’t know what to do from there, so they referred the vehicle owner to our shop.

Mr. DIY Ninja fails to master intricate wiring

One typical Tuesday a customer brought his 09G-equipped 2004 VW Beetle into our shop early in the morning. He stated that his 6 speed automatic transmission “… jerks on downshifts when warm, and the engine revs up on upshifts while driving on the highway. It also slams into gear on occasion.” Sounds like a fun one, so I prepared to duplicate, verify, and diagnose the issue.

Aisin Warner 09G Electronics: Anatomy of shift controls

There has been much focus over the years on valve-body wear issues and other deficiencies of the 09G as well as the TF80/TF81 models. Once a repair had been made, shift or apply issues still existed at times, requiring more attention to the controls.

The experts at Rostra Precision Controls have devoted a substantial amount of effort to determine how all the aspects of Aisin six-speed transmissions (valve body, solenoids and TCM) work together to provide a well-functioning and durable transmission repair.

Replacement of Battery Causes TCM Damage

A 2003 Volkswagen Passat come into our shop with multiple codes and harsh engagements and was in failsafe mode. The customer said he parked the vehicle and when he started it the next day he noticed the problem. At times the TCM would fail to communicate with the scan tool. When we removed the carpet at the passenger-side floorboard to check the TCM for voltage, we noticed the whole bottom of the floor had about 2 inches of water.

Adaptations Critical to Proper Shifts

In previous articles I have explained the important part that adaptations play in the shift quality and proper operation of a transmission. I have corrected many shift complaints from other shops that just could not get the transmission to shift properly simply by resetting the adaptations.

In this article I’ll use the VW 01M 2-3 shift to explain the hydraulic part of the adaptation. Let’s use the most-recent case I had, a ’99 VW New Beetle with a 01M transmission that had a slight binding feel on the 2-3 shift.

Hard Shift Remains after Reset of Shift Adapts

We recently received a 2002 Volkswagen Jetta, with a 09A five-speed automatic, with a complaint that it would not move. I determined that the fluid was burnt and black, indicating an internal failure. The check engine light was on and it had codes 00652 – gear monitoring not a plausible signal intermittent; 01045 – Tiptronic switch (F189) not a plausible signal intermittent; and 18032 – MIL request signal active (check TCM for errors) P1624. I drove the vehicle, and the transmission would slip and whine for about a block and then the vehicle would quit moving.