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Double Jeopardy

A 2002 Highlander 3.0L using the U140 transmission comes back to Pedro Seda’s shop in Puerto Rico. He had rebuilt it two years prior to its return where it had worked flawlessly during this time. Then, in an instant, it went from flawless to faulty. The transmission suddenly lost reverse and would no longer shift into fourth gear. When reverse was selected an engagement was felt yet the vehicle did not move in reverse.

Oddities & Wear-Out, Part 2

Continuing this month with the information provided by Jim Dial on the U-series 140/240 transmission we cover some common wear-out areas in the valve body that can cause this unit to fail again prematurely. The best thing about this is that they are all sleeves and are easily repaired. These items were discovered as the U140/U240 Technicians Diagnostic Guide was being written.