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American Powertrain offers Camaro Tremec GM Magnum XL six-speed transmission conversion kit

American Powertrain now offers a Tremec GM Magnum XL six-speed transmission conversion kit for any 2010-2015 fifth-generation Camaro (SS) equipped with a V8 engine. This kit can be purchased with a choice of two gear sets as a replacement for the TR-6060, and is rated at over 700 lb./ft. torque with close to 8,000 RPM shift

Tremec acquires EV systems provider Electric GT

Tremec, a subsidiary of KUO, has announced the acquisition of a provider of plug-and-play EV conversion systems, Electric GT, Inc. The company says that the acquisition will enable Tremec to strengthen its product offerings in the growing ICE-to-BEV vehicle conversion market. The newly branded company, Tremec – Electric GT, will be based out of Electric GT’s headquarters in Huntington Beach,

American Powertrain offers Tremec TR-4050 kit for Chevy/GMC trucks

American Powertrain now offers a Tremec 4×2 TR-4050 five-speed Pro-Fit HD manual transmission kit designed for 1988-98 Chevy/GMC OBS light- and medium-duty trucks. The Chevy/GMC OBS 4×2 kit includes a short throw White Lightning Shifter designed for the TR-4050, a crossmember adapter bracket that works with the original factory crossmember, bell housing, hydraulic bearing, pilot

American Powertrain introduces Chevy/GMC 4×4 Tremec 4050 transmission kit for vintage pickups

American Powertrain is introducing a Square Body Chevy/GMC 4×4 kit for the Tremec TR-4050 five-speed, four wheel drive manual transmission designed to fit 1973 to 1987 pickups and SUVs, which the company notes includes Chevy Suburbans, Jimmys and Blazers. The kit includes: an aluminum CNC machined bell housing, Hydramax hydraulic clutch and components, flywheel and

Hydramax releases under-dash hydraulic clutch system for Chevrolet C10 trucks

American Powertrain has introduced a new line of Hydramax bolt-in, under-dash Hydraulic Clutch Systems, a kit designed for 1967-1972 Chevy C10 trucks. The kit features an integrated under-dash hydraulic master cylinder and a bolt-in clutch pedal. The included clutch pedal allows for conversion to hydraulic, or an automatic car to manual. The new Hydramax kit

Billet 5-Speed Shifter

American Powertrain has announced an all-new White Lightning shifter for TREMEC TKX 5-speed transmissions. The new TKX already shifts smoothly out of the box but American Powertrain takes it to the next level. Bolting on a White Lightning shifter shortens the shift by 30% and allows multiple shifter positions. White Lightning shifters feature the patented

TREMEC TR-9080 DCT Transmission GPZ Friction Clutch Pack Module

GPZ friction material was featured in prototype testing in the first 2020 C8 Corvette.

American Powertrain Announces New TREMEC TKX 5-Speed Transmission

The TKX is a brand new design made from the ground up as a strictly aftermarket transmission.

Inside the Tremec TR6070 7-Speed Manual Transmission

Last month we looked at the new C7 generation of Chevrolet Corvette, which brings the famous “Stingray” name back into use. GM has invested tremendous amounts of labor and capital to create a real world-class new model, which will be the first to use the new Tremec TR6070 seven-speed manual transmission. The new Stingray’s advanced computer controls will enable the driver to tune the vehicle to a number of driving modes, and Tremec did a really first-class design to provide seven speeds in a package that is only slightly different in size from the previous TR6060.

The New 7-Speed Tremec TR6070 Manual Transmission

This is truly a world-class vehicle. It features new technology, design and manufacturing methods that go way beyond the familiar C5 and C6 Corvettes. These cars have come a long way from the older fiberglass models, using an aluminum space frame and many carbon-fiber body parts. GM has invested a fortune in development and design in a totally new LT1 aluminum-block engine (Figure 3) that produces 450 horsepower and 450 lb.-ft. of torque from the 6.2-liter displacement. Zero-to-60-mph times are in the four-second range, and this is from the stock motor. Higher-performance versions of the new LT1 will be released for the top-of-the-line Corvette models. The most-striking feature of these vehicles is a seven-speed manual transmission, the TR6070 (figures 4 and 5).


Every technician who rebuilds transmissions has failures, which we call comebacks. We get the failed or improperly working unit back, diagnose the cause and make it right.

The entire exercise we go through on a daily basis making repairs is based on the same set of facts: We have to first diagnose the problem, understand the cause of the failure, correct that cause and then certify that the unit is working correctly and deliver the product.

Tremec’s New 6060 Six-Speed

The T56 six-speed transmission has been around for many years now. Originally designed by BorgWarner for the GM F-bodies (Camaro/Firebird), the design has been refined since Tremec bought the BorgWarner manual-transmission business. The T56 is now the six-speed of choice for the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet C5 and C6 Corvettes, Pontiac GTO, Cadillac CTS-V, Dodge Viper and Sidewinder, and Aston Martin Vanquish.