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Infiniti G37 RE7R01A chassis codes set

The complaint A 2013 Infiniti G37 equipped with the RE7R01A transmission and the EXT13C transfer case has a complaint of trouble codes C1204 “4WD Solenoid Malfunction” and C1105 “Right Rear Wheel Speed Sensor Fault” stored. Due to extensive damage, the transfer case was replaced, which did not eliminate the stored codes. The shop then replaced

The impact of oversized tires on transmission failures

Installing bigger tires on trucks is about as American as baseball, country music and apple pie. Unfortunately, big tires can also go hand-in-hand with something less enjoyable: transmission failure. You can guard against problems and better troubleshoot chronic failures by knowing the unintended consequences of oversized tires on the transmission, especially the role gear ratios

Tire Stagger Gauge

Specialty Tool; Tire Stagger Gauge, Used To Measure Tire Diameter

Up to Standards

The cliché “What you don’t know can’t hurt you” is way out of date. The single most-important commodity in the world we operate in is knowledge. Information – and that means good, factual information – is the only thing that stands between us and expensive failures. Our quest for information will include a good working knowledge of the operation of the complex systems that comprise the modern motor vehicle and their relation to one another, feedback from the customer to fully understand their problem and the results they want you to achieve, and a thorough and complete observation of the vehicle you are working on.

Fast, Easy and Simple

It may have taken a while for transfer-case technology to catch up with the technology seen in transmissions, but it has, in fact, arrived and it shows no signs of letting up. The Sport Trac, Control Trac II, Active On-Demand 4WD operation and Progressive On-Demand 4WD operation are examples of the types of computer-controlled transfer cases on the road today.