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GM 6L80 Transmission Early Failure Issues & Fixes

The application use of the 6L80 transmission has been extensive over the years. General Motors originally manufactured this transmission. It was designed for both AWD/4WD and RWD General Motors applications. The 6L80 has unique operations, such as an advanced computer controller constructed into the valve body and a direct clutch to clutch shifting. The gearbox

First Aid for Stators

In the early days of torque-converter rebuilding, most of the routine work involved re-machining thrust surfaces and then restoring clearances. Available service items such as thicker thrust washers and thicker end caps made this work relatively easy.

When the outer race of the one-way clutch became loose in the stator, rebuilders of the day faced a far-more-difficult challenge. The splined area on the outside diameter (OD) of the outer race broached a mirrored spline on the inside diameter (ID) of the stator when it was originally pressed into place (Figure 1).