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Déjà Vu All Over Again: Understanding Ring-and-Pinion Setup

This article will attempt to explain once again the proper procedures to successfully replace a ring-and-pinion set. Although I have addressed this topic more frequently than I want to, ring-and-pinion setup continues to mystify many technicians. Replacing a ring-and-pinion set is one of the simplest and most profitable repairs for a shop. There has always been a mystique involving what should be an easy repair and in the past many shops turned away this work or farmed it out to a specialist. Perhaps there are many new people coming into the business, or shops that are not that experienced are trying to add more services for their customers to increase gross sales, or more customers are looking to improve fuel economy or vehicle performance; whatever, this simple repair generates more tech calls than virtually anything else. Hence, we go over procedures to follow for a simple, cost effective repair.