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Another One for the X-Files

Back in 2003, when Transmission Digest hosted Showpower in Charlotte, N.C., I did a presentation called “Odds with an End,” an array of transmission malfunctions featuring oddities from the “X” files.
To this day I still receive calls from some who attended this seminar saying, “Hey, Wayne, I’ve got another one you can add to your X-file list!”

The idea of labeling transmission malfunctions as fitting into an X-file category is the result of knowing what fixed the problem but having difficulty explaining why.

Falling Through the Cracks

And that is exactly what happens with a ZF 5HP24 transmission in an Audi, Jaguar or BMW. This problem will produce code P0731 (or P1722 with Jaguars) and it means a gear-ratio error in first. And it also may be accompanied by a complaint neutralizing at a stop when hot. The technicians on Transmission Rebuilders Network Worldwide (TRNW) are all too familiar with this problem. Yet, technicians around the country frequently allow this problem to fall through the cracks, which is why I thought of writing an article about it.